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Well, I've managed to totally mess up my LJ formatting by posting from LJ directly instead of from Semagic like I usually do, so I'll just have to write a bunch of long posts to push it all down to the edge of the page. Heh. First world problems.

I saw a bunch of unbelievable photos of the destruction on the East Coast and in New York after Sandy hit: holy moly. Everyone I know out that way seems to be okay but it sure is scary. It feels so safe and quiet here in Sweden, when the most we have to worry about is pouring rain for days on end and black ice every once in a while. At least it's pushed the election off the front pages for a couple of days.

We had our last trick-or-treating evening least the last time we'll organize it. The kids are so over that kid stuff. Karin has a friend over and they took the dog out to trick-or-treat with them, both only wearing top hats as costumes (with regular clothes otherwise, I mean, not JUST top hats, god, get your mind out of the gutter!) and came home with one hat full of candy. So I guess they're not REALLY too old, they just need to get pushed. But one of the neighbors had come over a couple of weeks ago to ask if we were organizing it this year, and when I said I was thinking about it but not sure, she told me that they were ready to take over if we felt our kids were too old for it. It's really nice to think that it's one tradition we've fostered in our village that will continue.

We had about 50 kids during the course of the hour, which was great...I was a bit scared about running out of eyeball lollipops but we still have several left and Anders and Martin are polishing them off.

I'm rather sad about the fact that my kids have outgrown Halloween...for now. I suppose it'll be cool again once they're in their 20s or off at college. I've always enjoyed the holiday though it's hard to keep up the Halloween spirit here where there is nothing much external to put you in the mood. We have 5 Americans in my department at work today and not one said anything about Halloween at all today. Hrm. Even our pumpkin-carving this year was lame. I missed the annual AWC pumpkin patch visit and we ended up just buying a nice big pumpkin from our local grocery store. Except it turned out to be so thick and hard that I couldn't get a knife into it, and Anders ended up having to carve it for us. Karin wasn't even home but Martin helped scoop out the entrails, and then Anders kindly carved a triangle-only face for us. Anything more elaborate would have been impossible.

Work is still insane but I got to have a quick surprise lunch with my friend Camilla today, who is here unexpectedly on a short break from Poland. She's only here until Sunday but I'm thrilled because I normally only get to see her in the summer and at Christmas and since we're going to the States this year, I thought it wouldn't be until next summer.

Tuesday Martin and I leave for London. We got the packing list and itinerary today. We have to be at the Lund train station at 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning. 4:45 a.m. Seriously? Urgh. Carry-on luggage only for the 3-day trip and Martin and I won't get home until 1:30 a.m. on Thursday night but the rest of it sure sounds like fun! They have a really full schedule of activities planned for us...I just hope I have time to hit at least ONE bookstore! I can always MAIL books home, right?
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Well, to be fair, trick-and-treating is dying out in many parts of the US too, at least the way it seems to have been. People are too scared often, and instead they go to mall-trick and treating or the Children's museum events and the like.

Well, we do put some effort into organizing it, though I heard from people in Lund that they had kids. My boss, who lives in Helsingborg, didn't have any.

From Megsie

We had our annual Jack-o-lantern pizza on "Happy Halloween!" (politically incorrect) paper plates before I sent the rest of the family out into the spooky night to trick-or-treat. We just got done sorting candy and watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". I am sad because today I missed the Halloween Parade at my kid's school for the first time ever. I have an afternoon class, so I couldn't go. It was the last year for Sarah. She will be off to Middle School next year. My heart hurts. But the rest of the day was excellent. Happy Halloween!!

Re: From Megsie

What the heck is a jack-o-lantern pizza and why would it be politically incorrect?? Enquiring minds wanna know!

Re: From Megsie

Jack-o-Lantern pizza is a pumpkin shaped pizza with a jack-o-lantern face. We get it from Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza. We also get a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's Day. Love that dinner is all done and I do nothing but heat up the oven and buy plates. Politically incorrect refers to the paper plates. I was all sugared up when I wrote that comment. When I re-read, I had to think about it.


Halloween was fun for me this year- since I'm visiting a family with children. I got to go pumpkin hunting in a field- although all picked and lined up, it did make it easier to decide. When it looked like Bryce only wanted a round and thus small pumpkin to carve as a soccer ball and Rachel was not really wanting to do much of one- I had to step up and picked a tall quite large one that I thought would make a great face. That got Rachel more into the mood and then she also picked a huge one with a wider base. Another great shape! So we had fun carving, but mine also turned out to be thich-at least 3" and difficult to cute. Luckily Sarah had some special carving tools that made it work. Tom did take some photos so maybe they'll get them posted on FB. The I got to go trick or treating with Bryce! Fun Night!

Sounds like a good time! I am still bummed that I never got the kids over for Halloweenn when they were young enough for it to matter.


Have a great trip to London. And do find the book stores. Lizardmom

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