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So much for NaBloPoMo this's already the fourth and there's no way I'll manage now, especially with going to London for 3 days this week.

What's on my mind lately? So much disjointed stuff, that I really feel as if I have no control over anything. Work has been so completely crazy that I can't decide if I'm more relieved or stressed to be gone for 3 days this week. Last week, since the kids were on fall break, and I didn't have to drive anyone home from school, I ended up working late every night. Thursday I worked until 6:30. Friday, which was supposed to be a half-day, I worked until 3:00. It's partly wanting to get caught up (ha. hahaha) and partly trying to keep on top (HA HA HA HA) and partly this stupid American work ethic which makes me have to keep on working long after other people have realized that their work/life balance has tipped too far in the wrong direction and have turned off their computers and gone home to their families.

I've been half-assed about walking this week because of it. I've not been able to enjoy what little daylight hours we have had because I've been too busy with other things to get outside. But I'm grinding on anyway.

We had an AWC sushi night on Friday and it was extra fun because my friend Camilla was in town and agreed to come and my friend Debbie came as well and another couple that is fun and Martin. We had never been to this new sushi place and the photos on their website made it look kind of cozy, so I booked a table but when we got there we discovered that it was pretty much a take-out joint and there were only 2 tables, and they didn't serve alcohol (not that I cared but the others were disappointed) but the funniest part was that I knew the people working there. I seem to know ALL the people who work in the sushi business in Malmö, after 16 years of eating at every sushi place I can find. The woman working behind the counter is the sister of the man who owns our favorite sushi place, Yukai, and she and he used to own the one in central Malmö that I lost for 6 years when it closed and moved. The sushi was excellent and we had a great time talking. Strangely, both Martin and the one other guy were quite quiet throughout the evening, while Jennifer, Debbie, Camilla and I yukked it up.

Does anyone else say "yukked it up"? Is that a Michigan thing?

I thought I'd make more headway on the Lego project this weekend, maybe even finish it, but no. Yesterday I took the dog home...Angie had just come home from the hospital a few hours earlier (Kristian will hopefully be home tomorrow: the surgery went great!) and then stopped by Debbie's place, because for once I was actually "in the neighborhood", which I never am, because they live 40 minutes away, and we sat and chatted for an hour and a half. So I really got a lot of qood, quality friend-time in this weekend. And today was housework, finishing laundry and grocery-shopping, so I was very productive, but never went near the Lego and now it's too dark.

I also managed to get some Christmas presents dealt with. One thing for my sister's family, one thing for my brother's son and an idea for my mom!

Now Martin and I are nearly ready for London on Tuesday morning. I'm thinking of running to the mall after work tomorrow to see if I can find a lighter-weight winter jacket so I don't have to take my really heavy coat. I don't have anything in between. We are only taking carry-on and it's only for 3 days so we're partially packed but some of it will have to wait until Tuesday morning: bathroom stuff, pajamas, etc.

And FINALLY, I have to give up the computer to my daughter who just got back from the new mall in Malmö, where she bought a pretty little sleeveless shirt that is both SEE-THROUGH and HANDWASH-ONLY. I don't know which horrifies me more.

She and Martin are completely obsessed by their current games; Karin: World Warcraft Mists of Panda-ness, and Martin: Assassin's Creed American Revolution-style. How sick am I of hearing that "I can't stop right now!" What is with games that can't be PAUSED?! Sheesh.

Over and out.
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Hahaha! See-through and hand wash only! G brought home a shirt for Ingrid from Sweden which is also see-through (not sure about the handwashing) and I really think next time I'm going to tell him to stick to socks. He assumed it was meant to be worn under other shirts but the scrunching on the upper sleeves would tell anyone familiar with girls clothing that indeed it is not meant to be worn under anything.

She put it on this morning to go to school in. OH NO. Try again. In 10-degree, pouring rain. Plus, hello: SCHOOL. So not appropriate.

This is where Ingrid's school having uniforms is so nice.

Christmas presents? Already?!! Say it isn't so!

I've done the worst job keeping up with your blog, but it's so nice to stop back in and read about sushi and your (our) stupid American work ethic. :) Did you ever complain about Karin's gym teacher? I'm boiling mad over it, though I imagine it's old news there now.

I hope you're enjoying London!

Yes, we did. Anders talked to the principal, but I doubt it went further, though he said it was a known issue with the teacher.

From Megsie

Ah, friend time! That is so great. And the see-through, hand wash shirt. I am plugging my ears and humming. I keep looking at Sarah who still acts like a little girl, but looks like a young woman. I can't stand it. I didn't sign up for BIG PEOPLE. I signed up for KIDS. Geez.

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