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We went to see Skyfall tonight, finally. We enjoy the Bond films and the kids have pretty much grown up on them. It snowed today, for the first time this year; we woke up to a powdered sugar coating but it melted during the day when the sun came out, though it never actually warmed up. More snow when we left the theater, having to struggle to get the door open as it was blocked by a group of young adults ensconced in sleeping bags and camp chairs, all waiting for tickets to The Hobbit to go on sale.

I'm looking forward to The Hobbit, too, but not enough to consider sleeping outside the theater doors in minus-degree weather and snow. There are several movies I'm looking forward to, actually, and several that I suspect I'll have to hunt down on DVD or Netflix sometime since I doubt they'll be in the theaters here in Sweden.

Tomorrow Karin and I are going shopping...Martin's birthday is on Friday and I only have 1 present so far, and it's not even something on his list. Martin wants to go with us, which could put a bit of a cramp in our style, but he can only go if he gets the rest of his overdue homework done. I'm not sure where I want to go shopping, especially since we might have to take the bus. Anders plans to fix the windshield wiper fluid pump in my car tomorrow, which it's in desperate need of, and if he needs to run to the car parts store, he'll have to have his car as well. Karin has taken the bus to Nova Lund and into the city center before, so she's an old pro...I hate taking buses (motion sick) so I avoid it at all costs.

I felt pretty accomplished today though I didn't do anything major. The big thing was getting my annual Christmas letter written. and ready to print. I have a rather short list of Christmas cards to do, and will try to get those done tomorrow. That will really make me feel like I'm on top of things. It feels very strange not to be getting the Christmas decorations down out of the attic, though our advent lights are up in the all windows, helping to ward off the darkness, and the playroom windowsills are filled with pretty poinsettias in gold pots. We've already received our first Christmas card of the year; some of my friends are obviously even more organized than I tend to be!

It's hard to believe it's already December. I swear, it really, honestly, feels like Christmas was just a short time ago. Hard to believe how fast a year goes.
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Did you like Skyfall? It is once of the few movies I'd consider seeing twice. Which says a lot, given the long running time!

Yes, I liked it a lot, despite some of the inconsistencies. Neither Anders nor I care that much for Daniel Craig as Bond...he's a little too dry/stoic for our tastes. We prefer the charmers.

Do tell the list of movies you are looking forward to. I need movie inspiration.
I have recently seen "Lincoln," "The Life of PI," and "Moonlight Kingdom." All recommended.

It has been in the low 50s here during the day this week. If I forget to open my window at night I wake up stuffy. Yay for NO Snow! I hope you enjoy yours.

Christmas cards, yikes. I fear that is something that hits the dust this year, what with this move and all. Maybe I will get it together. I bought some last year for this season, but who knows where they may be?

Lincoln, Life of Pi, The Intouchables, The Hobbit, Oz, Lone Ranger (maybe), Les Miserables, Brave (which I still haven't seen), Perks of being a Wallflower. I still haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom either.

DO see Moonrise Kingdom. It is quirky and cool.

"a powdered sugar coating"... I just love your writing, Liz! And yes, a year is far too short, though my girls would in no way agree. :)

Your girls are right...for now. ;P

Getting a Christmas letter done counts as a major accomplishment in my book!

Hope you had a good shopping expedition... :-)

halfway through my card list, too!

You put the rest of us to shame! ;-)

From Megsie

My cards were/are shelved. I will do them but I can't right now. New Year's Cards will have to be good enough this year.

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