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I've been too busy and too tired and now too sad to write. I just read this and it says everything I'm feeling about what happened in Connecticut a few days ago:


As usual, someone else says it better. Thank goodness, there are others who can write & say what we are all feeling.

To be honest, I don't understand why anyone thinks it's a good idea to have mass availability to guns. There is nothing but heartbreak and despair down the barrel of a gun and anyone who thinks otherwise is insane on some level that I have, thankfully, no access to. No one really needs to hunt for food in this day and age so even those who hunt for fun don't have much of an argument to stand on; surely they can find other hobbies. That there are people who believe if everyone were armed, there would be fewer gun deaths is ludicrous. Do they even hear themselves? Do they hear what they are saying?

I know it's probably too late to put everything back in the box...too late for all of us and too late, especially, for all the victims of such senseless violence, but maybe it's not too late for the future. Why is this even a question?? If we can scale down a cold war between nations with nuclear disarmament, why can't we enforce gun control laws?
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