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Ek family Christmas letter

I just checked and I have been writing an annual Christmas letter since 2002, so that makes this the 11th in a row! I’m not sure if I was writing one before that and just don’t have the copies, but it’s hard to believe that 2012 is already over and we are breathing hard down 2013’s neck! The year has been, as all our years seem to be, a busy one. Work and school and activities and active social lives all around keep our calendars full each week.

Anders is still at Tetra Pak, working in the Technical Training Center and will be celebrated for his more than 25 years in the company come January: time for a gold watch! He plays hockey-bockey during the winter season and has been a dedicated bicyclist all year. He also sold his Kawasaki motorcycle and has gotten the Ducati back into riding condition.

Liz keeps on top of the graphic design work in the marketing department at Axis Communications, where she recently passed her 8-year anniversary. She’s also still on the board with the AWC Malmö and attends & organizes events, including sushi nights and book group. She’s spent a large part of 2012 working on the Lego project, which was intended to sort & organize the giant pile of small plastic parts, with the intent to make a mint selling most of it off and retire early. Alas, there is no end in sight.

Martin started his last year of middle school in the fall, he’s in the middle of his ninth grade year and concentrating on getting good grades and figuring out which gymnasium (high school) he wants to apply to for next year. His class won a science contest where the first prize was a 3-day trip to London and Liz got to tag along. It was a whirlwind 3 days of sightseeing, museums and shopping time on Oxford street, and a lot of fun.

Karin is the busiest of all of us with a full schedule of soccer and innebandy practices, matches and tournaments. Her soccer team won the Girls 13 at the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg this past summer and now are being invited to elite tournaments all over the country and the world. They will be going to Dallas in March 2013 to participate in a big soccer tournament there for a week. Other than that, she’s keeping up her newly acquired teenager cred (13 this past summer!) as a 7th grader.

In March, Anders and the kids went skiing for their annual trip, and in April, Liz and the kids joined Anders for a long weekend in Modena, Italy, in the middle of 2-week course Anders was there teaching for work. We made it to Venice for a day as well, which was exciting to visit.

Our big family vacation in 2012 was to join up with the rest of Liz’s family in northern Germany for 8 days. It was a lovely time with her sister Sarah, brother John, plus their families, and her mom to boot! Despite the rain and several people catching cold, we managed to spend quality time with each other and see the sights along the coast as well. Grandma Linda came back to Sweden with us and we got to keep her for an additional 3 weeks which was super! Liz got to see her mom again just a short time later, while in Boston for her annual work trip, and since it fell over Labor Day, they were able to spend the weekend in New York with Liz’s Uncle Sam and Joanne.

We also did a lot of dog-sitting this year, which was fun and helped stave off the desire for our own dog. Now Liz is considering getting rid of the fish tank, since she’s tired of cleaning it...which will leave us pet-less. Hmmm.

December is now upon us and we are preparing to pack up and spend the holidays in Michigan with Grandma Linda, as well as Sarah & family. Another chance to see relatives and friends and enjoy a real American Christmas! We haven’t been home for the holidays since Karin was a baby! Enjoy a happy, warm and safe holiday season and we’ll catch up with you in the New Year!

Link to photos PDF:

Liz, Anders, Martin and Karinj

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From Megsie

Oh, Merry, Merry, Liz. I am so excited that you get to be home for Christmas this year. And I am also excited that I am caught up with you before Christmas. I still am WAY behind on reading my friend's blogs. I like to read them thoughtfully and slowly, so when I am super busy I can't do it. Forgive me for dropping out of existence for so long. I looked at your mailbox longingly the whole time. Sending you love and Christmas Cheer! xoxo

god jul!!

Great newsy family round of the year Liz. May the next year find you all as well and happy.

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