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Walking into your home when you've been away for a couple of weeks is weird. Everything looks new and familiar at the same time. You notice small stuff. It takes several hours before your mind adjusts, but jet lag doesn't help any. We left a white wonderland for gray and rain, but it feels good to be home, though I already miss my mom and Michigan. How long is long enough?

Things that are different: tap water tastes better in Michigan, but the shower water is better here.

I have so much churning about in my head, but it's 5:30 in the morning and I've been awake for 2 hours and I have to get up in only 1.5 more to work for the first time in weeks and my head needs to get organized so I can do it. I just caught up with emails but can't catch up with LJ since it keeps going down.

I just caught up with my family and America but now I need to catch up with the rest of my life. Eek! 2013 is here, can you believe it? And now I've posted in it, so that's a start. A small one, but a start nonetheless.
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What I used to notice, when I came home as a child after having been away for a while (on camping trips or whatever), was that all the doorknobs seemed lower than I remembered. Isn't that a weird thing to stick in ones memory?

Hope you are able to get some good sleep tonight, and that the jet lag isn't too horrible to overcome.

are you sure it wasn't just you having a growth spurt? :D

From Megsie

I have been thinking about you traveling back to Sweden. I always am relieved to be back in my own house, but one year we had little kids...really little...and we left a bit of a mess when we flew out the door so we didn't miss the plane. (I think that was the same year that we got out of our neighborhood and I said to Jeff, "I don't think I shut the front door." So we had to ask the cab driver to go back to our house and there was our door wide open in the cold of winter.) Anyway, when we got home that time, I remember my heart sinking at the mess that had the nerve to wait for us until we returned.

I haven't posted in the new year yet, but it is on my newly minted list!

Welcome home! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

OMG, I can't believe you left the DOOR open!! What a story!

I am both glad to be home and sad to be gone. Mom's house isn't mine, but I love it and I miss her muchly.

Re: From Megsie

Welcome back Liz!

I once left the front door wide open last Mach when I was moving.
Chava called at night when she got home from work to see if it was my doing. Blah.
Good that 'Megsie' remembered and went back.


I know it's always bittersweet to be home again, but still missing those left behind. I miss all of you too! Love, Lizardmom

It's never long enough!!


Welcome back! I hope the jetlag isn't too too awful, and yes, it is hard to believe that we're already so far into January (the 9th already, how did that happen?).

After years of feeling odd when we come home from a trip to the States, I decided to take advantage of the strangeness, and write down my first impressions and anything I particularly love or want to change about our flat. Then I fall fast asleep on our bed! (Which is always my favorite thing about our flat when we come home, funny that ;-).


Mostly over jetlag now, 3 days in, but sure doesn't feel like I was ever away from work.

I think I shall adopt your habit upon arriving home. Good idea!

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