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With most of the family still sick or in recovery, it was wonderful to have a weekend that we were able to convalesce in as well as get things done that have been shoved aside by head cold, coughing, fever and general achiness. Even with being pretty productive, the kids and I got a lot of relaxation in and I feel pretty good about it, even if the part of my brain that is stressing about work had to be forcibly shoved back and down for a few days.

Martin got sick 2 weeks ago, but only missed one day of school. He's still, however, hanging onto a hollow and startling cough. I got it next and had a full-blown flu with everything except stomach upset, missing a day of work, and working through 3 days in a fog. But so far, no indication that it's traveled down to pnemonia this time (keeping fingers crossed). Karin had it the worst, missing 3 days of school, a soccer tournament, referree time and an innebandy match. She ran a high fever several days in a row and dragged about the house with her fleecy Cubs blanket in tow. She's still coughing too but I plan on kicking her to school tomorrow, come hell or high water.

Or blizzard, which is what it's doing right now.

Anders left Friday with a busload of work colleagues for a long weekend of skiing in the Czech Republic and hopefully managed to avoid the entire contagious mess completely.

I was actually kind of glad that Karin was still sick and running a fever this weekend as it meant we could cancel her participation in sports activities both yesterday and today and take it easy. I had a list of things that needed to be done, as cleaning the house hasn't been a high priority for anyone (hahaha, as if it's anyone else's priority to begin with) and craved some downtime of not needing to go anywhere or do anything for a couple of days. It's been non-stop go-go-go since we returned from the U.S.

So, I'm halfway through re-reading the first book of the Lymond Chronicles and have made major headway on 2 of my big projects, and did get some work done for the day job as well, though not as much as I'd have liked due to the end-of-month Internet dry-up. The kids and I watched several episodes of season 5 of The Big Bang Theory and the house is presentable again. Bills are paid, laundry is completely caught up and we're ready to start a new week.

I don't know about you, but I feel so much better when I'm caught up, on top of things, and have a planned idea of what lies ahead for the week to come.
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From Megsie

I am so glad you are all on the mend. I had the flu last January, and oh. I felt awful. Jeff came home one day and said to Sarah and Nicholas and I (we all had it): "Will you EVER get BETTER?" I felt the same way. Good for you getting all caught up in spite of the sickness. I didn't manage to do all that I wished, but at least the Christmas Tree is down.


Will and I had the flu last week (the children had flu shots, thank heavens, and didn't catch it) so we spent the weekend recovering and coughing like seals. I'm so very happy to be on the other side of it too!

Where is Anders skiing in the Czech Republic? Around Harrachov area?

So glad you feel better AND caught up. Have a super week!


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