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I used to stay up really late. I'd write long blog posts after 10 pm and get them posted right before midnight. If my subject required it I'd spend a lot of time researching information to use in my writing. Or I'd read and read and read all my blogs and sites and use that as fodder for writing. Nowadays, I have to WREST the computer away from my kids or stay up late to use it, and sadly...I'm ready for bed by 10. In fact, most of the time, I'm ready for bed WELL before 10. Even if I do read for another 20-30-40 minutes, I'm almost always in bed by 10 these days. Even on weekends, I don't manage to stay up much later than that.

Is anyone else suffering from winter dry skin? I swear to god, it's driving me bananas. Thank goodness my daughter will scratch my back for me if I ask nicely and then return the favor and she will help me put lotion on my back and I have a backscratcher for emergencies, but AAAGH, I swear. It's horrible.

My dining room table is still covered in Lego. And a big box of photos to sort. And my blog book still isn't uploaded because our stupid Internet ran out at the end of the month again. It doesn't actually RUN OUT, it just gets really slow and impossible to do anything that requires uploading or buffering. No videos, and no image-heavy websites. But! Tomorrow is a new month and it's a short one and hopefully it will be a sunny one in which I get lots of projects FINALIZED so I can quit spending time on them and devote more hours to reading. And walking. In the sun. C'mon sun!

Pie Night, by the way, has been officially scheduled for March 16th. And then I was told that our AWC activities coordinators fell down on the job and didn't get a table booked for the annual St. Patrick's Day dinner and now they want me to make the Pie Night St Patrick-themed. I am not down with this actually. I'm resisting the idea. What is that? Because St. Patrick's has always mainly been (it seems to me) and excuse for people to get smashed and because I am boring and crotchety and also very very sober, I don't really want that to be the focus of pie night. When the focus should be on PIE.

Pie pie pie pie mmmmmmmmmmmmmm pie.

What do you think? I think I sound not only boring and crotchety and sober but OLD and GRUMPY, too. Get off my lawn you kids!


We are gearing up for a lot of travel in the next 2 months. I am going to Paris for a couple of days and then to Madrid and Turin for 4 days total in February for a mini training roadshow in our Southern Europe region. Anders is going to Bangkok for 2 weeks in early March and then Karin is going to Dallas for a week over Easter break to play in an elite girls soccer tournament. I am bummed that we can't go with her but my mom and my sister & family will be there to cheer her on. I'm starting to have small palpitations thinking about her flying international without me/us. Eek.
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You don't sound old and crotchety at all with all that travel, but then again, this is the lady who's often in bed at 8pm! And if folks want to just drink and not eat pie, you can send it my way ... of course it might be kind of smushed by the time it got here. :)


I don't know if they just want to drink, but I can't imagine anyone who does want to, will be willing to drive 30 minutes into the country to do it at my house!

From Megsie

Yay for new internet tomorrow! I don't think you are crotchety. It isn't fair for people to expect you to change your PIE NIGHT into a green beer toasting night. Those two events are mutually exclusive. I am still up late, but it is so nice and quiet...peaceful. I am tired though. I would be freaking out about the international flight as well, or ANY flight for that matter, but she will be fine. I am sure of it. She has flown a lot, and she will be with her team.... But, I totally get it.

I am hungry for pie now. Thanks.

Re: From Megsie

Mmmmmmmmm pie. No apologies for creating pie cravings! hahaha!

Paris! Can we meet up for coffee?

Yeah, dry skin. I like to use Nuxe dry oil (what an oxymoron). It smells heavenly and really helps--even my scars look better, or at least shinier with it.

I would love to meet up, but I'm fully booked the whole time I'm there for work meetings and dinner with the team in the evening. It's only one day I'm actually there ths time, unfortunately.

Pie Night should be just for pie. Mmmm, pie. What's St. Patrick's-y about pie? I guess you could have one Shepherd's pie but I don't think of that as being Irish so much as British (though I could be wrong) and that's about the only tie in I could see. Just don't do St. Patrick's Day! Seems obvious to me.

We are all plagues by dry winter skin in our house. Ick.

I agree! There is nothing St. Patrick's-y about pie! I think I shall stick to my guns and say sorry to those pushing for combining the two events.

Pie Night should be for PIE. Those who want green beer can wait until after pie to go find some. Humph!

(There, THAT sounded grumpy. Your post, on the other hand, sounded eminently reasonable.)

haha! imminently grumpy and also good answer!

Ohh... jealous of your travel schedule. Yes to winter dryness (doesn't help having FOUR huge de-humidifiers running all the time to suck moisture out of the walls either!)

The travel schedule is nothing to be envious of, it's crazy and packed with meetings and trainings and getting home really late :) I'll be in the office all day, not out enjoying the cities I'm in, sadly.


I was wondering when those palpitations about child flying alone would start to show. At least the tickets are bought -and please know that I (and the rest of the family heading to Dallas) will have arrived and waiting for Karin's hug! Judy and I will also be staying there until the day she is leaving. Love, Lizardmom

THey were there right from the beginning but I've been trying to repress them.

PIE night =/= St Patrick! I'd be somewhat peeved as well I think tbh. So what do you think you'll eventually do, combine the two or stand your ground?

How does Karen feel about flying international on her own? :) Exciting but also a lil scary I guess? Although she likely is accompagnied with a bunch of other soccer girls or?

I hear you on the dry skin in winter, it's driving me nuts as well. My sister gave me a wonderful handlotion the other day, it's by Weleda. I checked the Swedish Weleda website, it's this one. I haven't tried it on other parts of my body except for my hands and lower arms though - but I bet it'd be nice. My mum swears by using a hair conditioner with mint in it, she uses it on her skin (without rinsing) when the winter itchies are driving her nuts.

It is nice that everyone agrees with me about pie night haha!!

From Willow

If we were going to be in Spain while you're in Madrid, I'd drive in and finally meet you and drag you out to see a bit of the city! Instead, drink an extra cafe con leche for me, especially because I'm slamming the coffee these days with the final push on my thesis for the next two months and could use the extra punch of a Spanish one.

Re: From Willow

That would be lovely but I will be tied up in meetings and training the whole time. Next time maybe!

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