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That lasted longer than I planned or liked, but it felt necessary. And to be honest, one of the major reasons for the break was that I felt like my head was crammed full of work with no time or room for anything else, and that is STILL the case, but I can't keep radio silence anymore. I MISS this place. And if I don't start now, I may never be able to get started so ...

Karin is in Dallas. She's been there for a week playing soccer and having the time of her life in the sunshine, despite having to be goalie (not her regular position) and getting clobbered with balls in the face, and players in the face and CLEATS in the face (she's fine!). By all accounts she did a great job and judging by the low scores of their opponents against them, she managed to put up an excellent defense. Her team made it to the playoffs, but lost in the quarterfinals to one of the top teams.

I wasn't VERY freaked out about her flying so far away without me/us as long as I didn't think about it too much, but now I'd like her to be home again, please and thank you. My mom and Aunt Judy and my sister and her family, and my good friends Kathey & Russell were there to cheer her on, take her shopping and out to dinner and I'm so glad they were. She is having a fantastic time and has only one day left and I know she doesn't want to come home.

But! the sun is shining here, too, and it FINALLY feels like spring is realy, truly, just around the corner. Martin and I went for a walk today and even though it still LOOKS like winter, there was no snow and the creekbeds were high with running water and there were some tight small buds on the sun-facing bushes. Almost, the air seems to breathe: almost!

The situation with work is better left unsaid, I suppose. It's consuming me. Trying to put it aside doesn't work. Trying to ignore it doesn't work. Trying to keep up with it doesn't work. My boss is back from vacation on Tuesday and we have a new graphic designer in the US who will be here for 2 weeks training, so I'm really hoping that will begin to make a difference. Time will tell.

I'm so glad spring is nearly here. I am yearning for warmth and lilacs and bumblebees and the sound of lawn mowers and vacation.
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I was wondering what was going on. Your job seems to get more stressful by the year. I hope things do get better soon - I miss your updates!

I hope so, too, and thanks!!

From Megsie

I am glad you are back, and I am still worried about you. I really hope that the new graphic designer helps with the workload. It doesn't seem fair. How exciting for Karin to be playing in the US by herself! Wow! It sounds like she had a blast and like her face must hurt. Poor kid. I bet you miss her. Like I have missed YOU. A LOT. Sending happy Easter and hugs...oxoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I really hope so, too and that it doesn't turn out to be like all the other times we've added people: the amount of work just expands to fill us up. It's nice to be missed, but I'm glad to be back. Will try to be more regular!

Welcome back! Could the girl who plays goalie not make the trip? Good for Karin for stepping into the void and doing such a great job.

Neither of their regular goalies were able to go, so it's a good thing that Karin was able to step up and play goalie. She hadn't had that much practice at it beforehand, so all things considered, she did a great job!

What a great experience for Karin (well, aside from the clobbered in the face bits)! I know you miss her, but it probably did her good to stretch her skills, and her wings.

So sorry to hear that work is breeding such stress for you. I do not wish that sort of stress on anyone, especially people I like. Work should be something that stays in its own box, and doesn't spill over into all the fun parts of Life.

But I'm glad that Spring is on the way in Sweden at last. Here's to a fresh start, all around!

Work is fun, too, it's not all stress. It just feels really overwhelming sometimes. I'm really hoping relief is around the corner!

Welcome back Liz! I was away last week, vacationing with friends..the annual spring break trip. It was a welcome surprise to see you here upon my return.
Keep taking good care of yourself!!
And Yay for Karin (except for objects in the face).

Yay for being back! :D

You've popped into my mind several times randomly in the last week or so--and I don't even know you! I heard an article about the high homeless population in Sweden (which seems unfathomable given the good healthcare and social structure, but I know my understanding of it all is limited). And then at the train station there's been a man practicing opera in the wee hours of the morning. That shouldn't make me think of you, but he stands under a train tunnel/bridge and sings, creating an amazing tone and resonance, and it's just such an unexpected place to hear music!

I am from Dallas originally. I hope Karin is getting some excellent Tex-Mex food! That and the sunshine (and ample parking) are the best things about Dallas.

High homeless population in Sweden? Would like to know WHERE. We saw homeless people EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME in Chicago. How often I see them here? Pretty much never.

Karin LOVED her time in Dallas! Plenty of sunshine for sure.


Yay! You're back! Keep your head up about work - you have a great attitude - just take it one day at a time.


Thanks Heather! Trying! Trying, trying trying :)

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