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There still seems to be a pull for me away from the computer and away from writing; I'm not 100% sure what is causing it. I know that part of it is because of sitting at a computer for 10 or so hours nearly every day, intensely working. When I come home, I still check emails and a few other not really essential things on the ipad or PC but to sit down and write seems to take more effort than it used to. Whatever...I'm prepared to fake it 'til I make it.

The sun has been shining nearly every day and it's warming my soul along with the earth, even though the actual temperatures have still to rise far above the zero line. It's coming, though.

The kids and I got hooked on Smash recently, after I bought the first season on DVD. I was already a Katherine McPhee fan, after hearing her on Spotify (I think), a couple of years ago and buying 2 of her CDs. I had seen a commercial for the show before it came out on Swedish TV last year but never actually caught it. So we were able to watch the whole season in one big gulp. Grown-up Glee, basically, in a good way.

It's myskväll tonight but Karin picked Spiderman 2 and I'm not in the mood for screaming and splosions, which helped propel me in here and is now going to compel me to shut the door because GAWD, the screaming and the splosions! I've never seen the movie but the 15 minutes I just put halfheartedly in (while also downloading the last 3 issues of Intelligent Life on the iPad) wasn't enough to make me a fan. Tobey Maguire reminds me of a basset hound, more or less. I don't really get his appeal. And there's no one else in it that I care enough about to sit and watch for another hour and a half.

I've had a head cold all week, completely stuffed up nose and sinuses. I can't tell you how disgusting I find it all. Or how SICK I AM of blowing my nose with no result. I blow my damn nose a lot as it is, thanks to year-round 24/7 allergies, but this week: WORLD CHAMPION of nose-blowing. GAH. I feel fine otherwise, though, which is a bonus. Not being able to breathe through your nose SUCKS.

Tomorrow Martin and I are going to Copenhagen for the afternoon with a new colleague of mine, based in the US who is here for 2 weeks of training. I'm her mentor, sort of, so I want to be sure she feels comfortable and taken care of and not left completely to her own devices for 2 weeks (she doesn't get to have her mom with her, sadly, like I usually do when the situation is reversed). I did manage to get a late morning pickup time scheduled, so at least I don't have to get up too early, and can still enjoy a little bit of a sleep-in. I'm glad Martin agreed to tagging along...I find 3 people is much more fun in situations like this. One of my other colleagues was going to go with us, too, but she just sent me a message to say her husband had scheduled something without telling her, so she's out.

What IS there to write about? My head is too full of gunk and not full enough of ideas, inspiration, words or anything else remotely interesting.
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