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You'll be surprised, I'm sure, to hear that I have a crazy week ahead. ALERT THE MEDIA! Something every day! Something every night! This kind of thing NEVER happens.


We went to see Oz the Great and Powerful tonight with my cousin Cate and her daughter, whom we haven't seen since forever ago. It was a last minute decision, but I've been wanting to see the movie since I heard about it, so I was excited, and the opening credits were quite clever and I was thrilled and then: meh. Terrible acting, stupid side bits, glurge and ridiculousness. SO disappointed. The backgrounds and special effects were fantastic, though. I always say Oz the Great and Terrible, not Powerful, so now I have to go check my Baum because I don't know which one is correct. However, I shall forevermore refer to the movie version as Oz the Great and Terrible Acting.

There are lots of movies coming out that look like they will be good and fun and exciting, but now I'm feeling wary.

I have several things on my mind that are churning around. One is what to serve my American colleague when I have her over for dinner this week. She doesn't eat fish so salmon is out. Hopefully it will be decent weather and we can grill something.

The other is that my friend Russell reminded me that we had talked a long time ago about going somewhere (all of us) for our big birthdays next year (his birthday is just a few days after mine). I was hoping to stay in denial about the whole thing until after it had safely passed, but I guess I'll have to admit it's coming, even though I still have over a year to pretend it's happening to someone else. He and his wife have traveled all over the world so coming up with a place that they haven't been to, and that we all want to go to isn't going to be easy, especially since if we are taking the whole family, the expenses have to stay reasonable. I thought first about Ireland as I haven't been and would really like to go...but of course they have. Anders came up with Croatia this morning and found some interesting info about it as ammunition. I'm not sure, though. Some of the places I'd really like to see, that I haven't already been to yet, are St. Petersburg, Prague, Ireland and more of England than just London.

And then there are places that I loved and would be very happy to go back to again: Netherlands (never enough), Norway, Switzerland. And there are other places that I have thought about as well: Hawaii. Alaska. South Africa.

Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger as that looming birthday makes clear. So what's the better choice? Going someplace I've never been to or revisiting some place I loved and might not have a chance to get back to otherwise?

*Title from a quote by Alan Lakein
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Fred has been wanting to see Oz, and had hoped we would find time to see it before my next class started, but that didn't happen, and from your comments, perhaps that's just as well. Too bad, as I was sort of looking forward to the flying monkeys... :-(

(Re: travels, I wouldn't worry about whether you've been there before or not -- instead, think about what gets you the most excited as a destination. Because the point is to enjoy yourself, right? :-))

The flying monkeys, apart from the FIRST one, were excellent, actually.

From Megsie

Wow. Liz? You have a full schedule? Weird. I hope you can handle it.

I wish it was what you need: A FREE WEEK!

I haven't seen OZ, my kids want to, but now? We can wait for Netflix.

Have you thought about Australia or New Zealand? You could snorkle above the Great Barrier Reef!

Anyway it sounds fun no matter where you go!

Love your words as always...xo

Re: From Megsie

Your kids will probably love it, though watch out if you see the 3D version, I jumped out of my seat a couple of times!

Has Russell been to the places you want to go back to? I think you should go to the Slaughters(!) (Upper and Lower) in the Cotswolds in England. It's very pretty, not a lot to do right there but the countryside is dotted with all these little picturesque villages. I'm not sure it would be inexpensive though. Hmm, it's tough!

ha! I thought about The Slaughters, actually...but I don't know if Kathey & Russell would be interested in that :D

They have been everywhere, so I suspect we can't go by where they haven't been.

You always succeed in making me laugh, & you had me with the first sentence Liz.

I'm with thinkum regarding travels. very wise words indeed.

My sister and I went to Oz last month. We left. We were both falling asleep.
There were some wonderful 3D effects, and I sort of wonder what happened. But I don't wonder enough to go back and find out.

I have a big birthday coming up this year too. A digit switcheroo. Yikes.

If I hadn't been with 4 other people I would probably have walked out, too. :P

I think I'd like to travel to a new place, especially when going with other people. That way everybody can discover it together, and make memories together. For a milestone birthday, that would be my choice.

that's a good way to think about it

I think my travel decision would depend upon how I was feeling about the Significant Birthday: reflective and contemplative or appreciative and energized. If the former, I'd be drawn to a favorite spot so I could enjoy it again and reminisce about that place and where I was in my life when I was there before; if the latter, I'd want to go to someplace that is new to me and think of it as a launching pad or an inspiration to help me get excited about what's coming next.

I'm not sure I'm close enough yet to decide how I feel about the upcoming birthday. Mostly resigned at the moment, I think.

Hmmm..."resigned" suggests former Soviet Bloc nation (LOL).

Ha! That's a vote for Prague then! Lithuania? Estonia? Surely there's some former Iron Curtain country they haven't been to.

From Willow

You're back! Sending you the best. And my first thought on the travel question: go back to a place you loved, if you want to relax. If you want adventure, go to a new place.

Re: From Willow

Good advice, now I just to have to figure out what I want!


I'd love to go to sooo many of those places! Croatia is definitely on my list, as is Scandinavia in general (I must meet you some day!). But I would go back to South Africa in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this is probably the most expensive of the options you listed! :)


I don't know that South Africa is so expensive from here. Norway is definitely one of the most expensive to be in, as is Switzerland though GETTING there wouldn't be so costly for us.

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