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The dining room table is covered in Lego again, but I swear this is the last time. My mom sent 5 pieces home with Karin from Dallas and now they've been added to the kits that were missing them and labels are ready to be printed. Now we just need to decide what we actually want to do with it all: sell it? or stick it up in the attic for posterity?

There is also a stack of old comic books on the table that Anders needs to go through; Karin and I did a number on her room today and cleaned out a lot of the stuff that has been collecting dust on her shelves for several years. One shelf was full of magazine holders stuffed with her dad's old Tintins and comics. We already have boxes of comic books filling OUR closet and the thought of adding another one makes me hunch my shoulders. In addition to the comics, we need a magazine intervention...I have boxes and boxes of old Martha Stewart Living magazines (they're so PRETTY; how can I throw them away??) and Anders has boxes and boxes of old motorcycle magazines. It's not like we'll ever go back and read through them again, though I COULD see decimating the Livings for recipes, so why do we keep them all?

What is it that makes us keep stuff? Especially stuff like this?

Karin went through stacks of old school workbooks and papers and drawings and pitched most of it. She has a really hard time parting with STUFF so I was proud of her for being so good today about clearing some of the clutter. Martin came in to laugh over some of the stuff we were finding, and I said, "don't get too complacent: YOU'RE NEXT" ...but he doesn't have nearly as much junk hoarded in his room as she did, and to be honest, not near as much as his parents do.

I seem to go in waves when it comes to packratting and purging. Sometimes it's so easy to pitch stuff, other times it's impossible. I know part of it is not wanting to let go of the past...or the person I was at various times in my life, but 6 boxes of magazines I'll never look at again? Enough already.

What about you? Are you a keeper or a sweeper?
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From Megsie

I am definitely a keeper. I am in the middle of a HUGE mess that is my house. I have a lot to do. Glad to hear that your lego project is on its last legs. Good for you!

Re: From Megsie

I guess I should say it's on its last legs IF we decide to put it in the attic. If we decide to sells some/all of it, then I have a lot of work still to do.

I am a keeper, though I have tons of crap I could get rid of and just keep the ones I love. The volume of stuff the kids bring home from school is mind-boggling.

I remember when the kids were in lower elementary wondering exactly how many tree-deaths they were responsible for each considering the amount of paper they each generated.

Sweeper! But I work with a lot of keepers when I organize clients!

I'm mostly a sweeper and Björn is totally a keeper, which has turned me into a sneak-sweeper. But I had to face my own internal keeper when we had to clean out Björn's dad's house after he died. I fully expected to come home every day with tons of stuff that Björn couldn't bear to part with but it turned out to be ME filling the car with stuff and things.

A sneak-sweeper! I do that, too, though not as much as I'd actually LIKE to.

Oh lord, am I a keeper. Married to a keeper. Our apartment doesn't have hallways, it has paths.

I swear, there are days I just want to pitch the whole contents off the balcony.

Hoarders! UHOH! haahaha!

With a vengeance. But we're BOOK hoarders!


Eek, oh wretched reminder!

My little apartment filled up very quickly.

Today I MUST go through the closet and dresser, as there is a clothing exchange on Tuesday.
I can barely part with enough clothes. It will actually be easier after, when I need to make room for the clothes I bring home with me. I do hope I bring home less than I take there.
Wish me luck.

Re: Keeper

You can do it! :D

A keeper, in the worst possible way. Sometimes I do have phases when I will get rid of some clothes, etc, but invariably I end up looking for said items weeks or months later because I remember I have them and it's SO unlike me to get rid of stuff, they must be here somewhere!! And yes, I have been known to bag stuff up, drive around with it in the back of the car for ages, need the space, and end up putting the bags back in my garage.
It's a curse! Indecision and, yes, hanging on to every memory.

Clothes are notoriously hard to get rid of. I can only tackle my own every 10 years or so. Everything else is MUCH easier, especially when it belongs to someone else XD


I'm obsessed with cleaning out my closets. I HAVE to do it each year regardless or else it really bothers me. And even if I don't come up with really anything to get rid of, I still have to pull things out of the closets anyways. Yeah, you can call me OCD and stick out your tongue at me if you like. :)


Come clean out mine! Woot! hahahah!

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