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The sun is shining, though it's still a little chilly out, and for some stupid reason I am inside. I have a bad headache, which is part of the reason, because I know if I go outside before the headache is totally gone, the sun will pierce through my eyeballs and my brain will spontaneously combust. I was out in the sun a bit have to ease into these things when you're a troglodyte homebody like me. Karin and I whacked down the dead long grass in the front garden and removed the pine branches from the bed under the kitchen window. Woot! Gardening! Yeah, that was all.

A neighborhood cat came right up to us, while we were out there and demanded to be petted and picked up and loved on. She was a black-and-white shorthair, small like my Pooka with a pink nose like my Toby and MAN, did she have a loud purr. She hung around for awhile, and we put her on the trampoline and she followed Karin into the house and back out and then moved on next door after we went back inside. I don't know who she belongs to, but now we all want a cat again. Sigh.

I have a giant to-do list of things to get through before the weekend is over. Some of them are halfway done, but none of them are finished. I still haven't made headway on my taxes and bank reporting forms. I have mostly finished the bag labels for the Lego project and 3 boxes are full of finished ziplocs. But we don't know what to do with them now. The kids don't want to sell any after all, so I suppose it will all eventually go up to the attic for posterity to deal with. Or more likely me, again, someday, when we move out of this house and we have to actually get everything back down from the attic that we have stuffed up there over the years.

I was in the sun more after the mini-fake-gardening stint, because I went to Copenhagen with my friend Debbie to see a play: The Importance of Being Earnest, in English. It was well-done and fun and we had a great time. For all that Malmö is a decent size city, I ran into THREE people I know while I was waiting at the station for Debbie to get there, and then we ran into another of the Wonders on the train going over...she was taking her daughter to the Justin Bieber concert. Copenhagen was mobbed to overflowing with young girls in pink and white and JB apparel and I heart JB facepaint, all heading in the same direction as we were.

After the play, we took the bus back to Nyhavn and had dinner, which wasn't all that great and very over-priced (the conversation made up for it!), and then dessert at a different restaurant, because I had seen a menu notice for rhubarb tarte a tatin, which was delicious though still over-priced and then we took the metro back to the train and I got home right before I turned into a pumpkin.

After 16+ years in Sweden, I get over to Copenhagen once every 18 months or so, and here I've been THREE times since last July. Crazy. And I really, really want to go back again soon to visit the newly opened Aquarium. Maybe the first weekend in May! OMG, it's almost MAY. Next thing you know, it will be Christmas.
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A pox on you, Liz!...for mentioning that Christmas is actually right around the corner...


From Megsie

I second the pox!

I hope your head is all pain-free by now. At least you have sun! We had another SNOW STORM on Thursday. It looks like December. My favorite joke that a friend told me is the it is February 82nd. HA! That is just how it feels, like February will never end. Shortest month my posterior.

I am so happy to hear that you were home by the time you turned into a pumpkin. Lucky break.


Re: From Megsie

February 82nd! HA! that is as good as us talking about our Swedish summer...that one Tuesday.

So what do the kids want to do with the Legos? Just look at them now and then? Time to sell...


Ack! Bieberites! *runs and hides*

Well, so much of them are incomplete kits. I don't know that they're worth much unless we just sell as "assorted lego"...but the kids want to keep everything. maybe for THEIR kids? Who knows! I am just tired of the whole project, so if it all goes up in the attic for awhile, that's fine with me!

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