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Tomorrow is May Day. May First. Labor Day (for us Europeans) and a day off. It's the first day of the FIFTH month of the year. How does that even happen? I mean how does it happen so FAST?

The sun has finally decided, after a long sulking morning, to come out and play...though there are still an awful lot of white blobs bumbling around up there. It's still quite chilly and I suppose my hopes that it would warm up a bit so I don't have to sit outside and freeze tonight by the bonfire (I know, but you DO freeze...on one side) are dashed.

I had a phone call today that made me really happy. My friend Camilla, you know the one who lives in Poland and only comes home twice, maybe three times a year? She quit her job! And moved back to Sweden! Yay! Now I get to see her whenever I want to! (until she moves again, which she will, but we'll be sad about that when the time comes)

Karin just told me that I'm scaring her with how fast I'm typing. She doesn't see all the mistakes I make and have to back up and re-type, but still, yes, I am a fast typer. I type over 90 words a minute or so. I used to play Typershark for fun. Typing fun. How nerdy is that? I took typing class in 9th grade and I still maintain that it was one of the best things I ever did. Anyone who works with words in ANY way should take a typing class. It just makes things so much more efficient and speedier when one can type quickly. I don't know if they even offer it in schools anymore, but if they don't, it's a pity. I don't think it's on the curriculum here at all.

I bought a whole pile of books the other day and that makes me happy too, especially since a couple of them were ones I've been waiting for forever (to come out in paperback, that is) and one I didn't even know existed, by a favorite author. How I will be able to put them down and read the bookgroup book, I don't know. I love reading. Love love love it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go boil and devil eggs, because what's a freezing cold picnic/bonfire grill evening without deviled eggs?!

A very good day so far, and tomorrow? Even better! Sleeping in, reading, going through magazines, starting Season 1 of Downton Abbey, and relaxing. How will you spend YOUR May Day?
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