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There they are! Two days of warm temps and pop pop pop go all the buds! Every year it starts off slow and then 0-60 it's summer...blink and you miss the transition.

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Beautiful photographs, the light in the second pic is absolutely stunning!

It makes a believer out of you, that's for sure!

About time Spring showed it's face though -- everything is sooo delayed here, the buds and blooms and everything. The ornamental cherry tree in the old garden is like at least a month behind.

From Megsie

Wow. Your photos are awesome! Awesome! I needed some blossoms today. Thank you for sharing! I can *almost* smell them! We aren't quite there yet, but today: I wore flip-flops!!!!!!!! This is big news because it was snowing less than a week ago.

Re: From Megsie

I've already managed capri pants twice! :D

Re: From Megsie

Awesome icon!! :)

Beautiful! The lilacs are just starting to bud out here; I'm standing by for an explosion of blooms.

We're nowhere near lilacs yet!


Trying another reply - the other one probably got stuck in your spam filter because I put my blog address in there.

I just love how the nature is literally bursting its green at the moment - you can see it change hour by hour almost!


Trying this way to write my blog address to fool your spam filter... Hope it works! ;)

Weird! I didn't get your first message at all, not even via LJs spam filter.


Hmph LJ does not like me. :( That's unfair, I'm rather nice am I not...! ;)

I wish there was a way to comment your blog without being member of LJ or any other of the services in the "From" list. Just to be able to put name, email and blog address. Would make it so much easier. :)

But your blog is worth the trouble! I am happy to be back into the blogging world again after a long break of too much clutter in my mind!



I am happy you are back, too :)


Love your photos. The buds have all popped here too! Although near freezing last night & tonight. We are getting the garden ready- so thankful for the help that's visiting! My lilacs are about ready to pop also. Love, Lizardmom

We're still waiting for the lilacs, but the rapeseed fields are starting to glow. If the lilacs don't hurry up it will get too warm for them!

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