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Our ezine is making headway! :) I've been too busy to do much this week, but am at least able to say that I was the one who came up with name that got voted in. I'm hoping to be able to contribute more than that as time goes on. You can see the beginnings of the magazine that everyone will soon be talking about at Mosaic Minds. We're looking for submissions!
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Wow, the 'zine looks great. And I see you have amassed a wonderful group of talented people to work at the magazine. I really admire you guys - what drive and ambition. Compared to you guys I'm like a two-toed sloth!

It's amazing, it really is. :) Why don't you submit something?!! Your writing is wonderful, and would be very welcome!!

I don't think my writing would be good enough! But I'm really curious about the magazine. It sounds so exciting and with you guys behind it I just know it will be a huge success.

I'm positive you are your own worst critic. Our first theme is "Transformation," and I bet you could expand on that theme in a story/article/whatever :)

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