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OMG, how good do these peanut butter brownies look? NOMNOMCITY!

I had to confess to The Things I Don't Drink again today, this time to 3 colleagues during a training course I was at. They all boggled at me. I couldn't decide which one each of them was boggling at me most for which they seemed to be equally divided, all three. Yeah, I don't drink coffee. I don't drink tea. And I don't drink alcohol. "For health reasons?" I just don't like the smell. Or the taste. Here in Sweden, most Swedes can't decide which is worse: not drinking coffee or not drinking alcohol.

It's not that I haven't tried them; I have. I've tried all of them, but not enough to develop a taste for any of them. Bleah. And by try, I basically mean I have sipped them. I have sipped coffee a couple of times. Tea, a couple of times. Beer, once was enough. Ditto most of the liquors, and wine, and champagne. I WILL drink a little kaluha or amaretto or amarula with cream, but that hardly counts since it amounts to a couple of teaspoons, it's basically liquid candy, and it happens, like, once every 4 years.

It's Eurovision week here in Europe, and madness especially HERE, because we are hosting it. Malmö is hosting it! Because Sweden won last year. If you live in the States and have no idea what I'm talking about, go here to read all about it. The first semi-final was Tuesday and the second one is tonight. They have to have semi-finals because there are so many countries that want to participate. There are 39 countries participating this year, and of those, 26 will be in the final on Saturday.

So far this year, I have no favorite. Martin says I shouldn't write this until after tonight, because the contestants tonight are better than the trainwreck full of forgettableness that was Tuesday's semi-final. He knows this because he was at the dress rehearsal yesterday, along with 10,000 other Skåne-area students.

I am enjoying my life right now. My friend Camilla is back in Sweden (at least for awhile), this is one of the most beautiful Swedish springs I've experienced since I moved here, I have a big pile of much-anticipated new books to read, and work has, at least slightly, eased up.

The Saturday after this one, I leave for a week in Singapore. I get there on Sunday so I will have part of that day to see things, plus maybe some evenings, after work. But everything I have researched about things to do/see in Singapore mostly makes mention of shopping (expensive shopping!), eating out and nightlife. I'm not sure what to do while I'm there...anyone been and have suggestions?
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Hot tea I can only drink when I'm sick but I do like iced tea (much to any southerner's dismay, only unsweetened). I think many of the drinks you mention are acquired tastes and if you don't try to acquire the taste for them, you just may not ever get there.

I didn't acquire the taste for coffee (as a drink, I liked coffee ice cream just fine) until I was working in a bakery at the beginning of the fancy coffee drink craze. I like fancy coffee drinks but not a plain old cup o' joe.

Some alcoholic drinks I just straight up do not like but I have definitely acquired a taste for certain types of beer, some wines, and I do love a good gin & tonic or margarita.

I can't even drink tea when I'm has to be bouillon if I need something warm. The only warm drink I can manage is hot chocolate and it took me years to warm up to it (ha!)


Oh another non-coffee and non-alcohol drinker! Yay! ;)

I do drink tea though, like LOTS! ;)

Funny you should write this today of all days, since I am having a test thing on my blog right now where I try out different alcohol-free alternatives. First out is a non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine that I actually tried today. It was ok!

Not as sweet and nasty that some (most!) non-alcoholic wines are. Eugh.



ew! even the non-alcoholic types leave me cold.

OMG, someone else who doesn't like coffee, tea, or alcohol!!! *falls out of chair* I thought I was the only one!

(If I am really, Really sick with a cold, I will drink a cup of lemon zinger tea, because it usually makes me feel better -- but it is sort of like drinking medicine, not drinking something for enjoyment.)

I thought I was the only one, too! Hurrah! We have enough to start a club now! hahaa!

From Megsie

I am joining you. I am one of the weird ones who doesn't like coffee or tea and I only like sweet drinks that don't taste anything like alcohol. Strawberry margaritas, raspberry kamikazes, some sweet wines on the rocks. Yes. I am not a big drinker. I would rather drink Dr. Pepper.

I am thrilled to read about your lovely spring! I hope you write about your favorite books from your stack. I am winding down and I already have a list going, but I am curious about YOUR list, as always!

Singapore? WOW! I have no suggestions, but can't wait to hear all about that as well!

Re: From Megsie

My list is on Goodreads or on my I read them anyway.

Funny you should say Dr. Pepper, it's one of the few sodas I've never learned to appreciate.

Teeny tiny itsybitsy change needed: in the sentence that started, 'If you live in the States and have no idea what I'm talking about,' this sentence should be finished with, 'you are incredibly lucky in that you don't have to live with this!' :-D

haha! No one is forcing you to watch it :)

Very very VERY true!!! :-)

Those Peanut Butter Brownies sound Yummmm, indeed. Must try making them. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

Have fun in Singaposre. Haven't been to Singapore in ages, but the times I went there, I loved walking around the night market and sampling various eats from all those hawkers. No mall shopping for me.

Night market! That sound fun. Is it safe for a woman foreigner to walk around??

The times that I went there, the night market on Bugis St was popular. The one in Chinatown, though not mainly a night market then, was interesting. I'm sure there would be other places now. Check with your hotel for recommendations.

Singapore is supposed to be one of the safest in Asia in terms of woman foreigners, or even for a solo ones, like I was, so you should have no probs.

Have fun!

you love your life!!!

oh I loved reading that line--- and things sound SO gooooood. Yummy.

How was singapore? are you there now? xoox, e

Re: you love your life!!!

Not gone yet! Leave on Saturday :)

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