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OMG two posts in a row! Apocalypse! I figure I can't get bummed out and upset about the fact that no one blogs much anymore if I am just as guilty. Plus, I feel like writing, and whether or not I have anything to write about: here I am.

I have to tell you a story and you have to promise not to laugh. Because I am really, really embarrassed about it. In fact, I think it's good enough to possibly bump one of my top three most embarrassing moments off the list.

Go ahead, go click that link and laugh WITH ME, not AT ME. I'll wait.


Are you back? And yes, I KNOW there were only TWO embarrassing moments there. The number one most embarrassing moment of my life is still private. And no, it has nothing to do with sex. Or drinking.

When I booked my tickets to Singapore, I had the option of taking a direct flight there only if I left on a Saturday or a Tuesday. Since we had already scheduled the two days of training I was going there to hold for Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided I'd rather leave early even if it meant sacrificing a weekend to travel, so that I'd have an extra day in Singapore to sightsee. I could have flown via Bangkok but the additional travel time that meant was not at all appealing, and I figured I could zone out for 12 hours on a plane to Singapore as well as I do for 9 hours for the US. I'd have my Spotify and book and crossword puzzles and in-flight movies to pass the time, after all.

So, I booked the tickets and noted that I was arriving at 6:30 am on Sunday, May 26th and departing again at 5 minutes after midnight on May 31st. So I would be able to spend some time in the Singapore office just working and being able to get to know my South Asia marketing colleagues, plus I thought maybe if I got enough done, I could leave work early on Friday and go see some sights before I had to be at the airport in the evening.

Everything went great all week. The trainings went well, and once I made my peace with the air conditioning (something I am no longer used to after so long in Sweden), I managed to feel like my jetlag was under control about halfway through the week. On Thursday night, I met up and had dinner with jes6ica and her husband Lennart for a fun couple of hours (they were in town on business, too!) and on Friday I got up and went into work kind of sad that it was my last day in Singapore.

I figured that if I left work around 4, I could spend several hours touring around the Gardens by the Bay and doing some last minute shopping and having dinner before I had to be back at the hotel by 9:15 pm to pick up my suitcase so I could get to the airport by 10 pm to check in.

But during the afternoon, some sort of weird alarm signal went off in my brain and I suddenly got a very cold, very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Five minutes after midnight on May 31st...

I dug through my bag and found my ticket information. It said:

00:05 31/5/2013

My flight home was on THURSDAY NIGHT, not FRIDAY NIGHT. Five minutes after midnight on May 31st was first thing in the MORNING ON FRIDAY, not late in the evening on Friday and it was now around 3 pm. ... AAAAUGH!!!

I swear, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I grabbed my phone and went into a conference room and called the travel agency in Sweden, who were just coming their Friday morning. When I should have been arriving home.

Sure enough, the ticket was non-changeable and couldn't be rebooked so they had to book me a new ticket to the tune of too many kronors with too many zeroes after them and then I had to call my boss and try not to cry while I explained what I had done. She was very understanding and both she and the travel agent told me it was an easy and understandable mistake to make and the travel agent even told me it "happens a lot".

If it happens a lot, why in god's name don't they put some kind of large print NOTICE! OBS! KEEP IN MIND on the ticket information?! GAH.

The only thing that made me feel any better was that when I called Anders to explain to him why I wasn't already home, he told me that he had made almost the exact same kind of mistake once when he booked his first flight to Asia a few years ago. I didn't even tell any of my Singapore colleagues what I had done, I was so embarrassed, and I begged my boss not to tell anyone here. But now I'm telling you, because after all, HAHAHA! Geez louise. Me and numbers. We just really don't click, do we?

And I didn't even get to Gardens by the Bay because it was pouring rain and lightning-ing and thundering all afternoon. But I DID get home. Finally.

What I least it's a reason to go back, right?

(photo by jes6ica)
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OMG, are those gardens for real?!?!

I really feel like travel so far east as to mess with your head about what day it is, are fraught with these kind of problems. I believe the travel agent that this must happen all the time. I get nervous about travel arrangements within the country so I can well imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realized the mix-up.

Though your Facebook update about numbers makes sense to me now!

From Megsie

I can't laugh at that. That is horrifying. I swear, my heart stopped as I was reading this. I am such a bad traveler, I have done dumb things like leave my purse IN THE RENTED CONDO and the shuttle to the airport had to wait for me to go back to the rental office and get the KEY to the condo and then get my purse and then bring the key back...I am getting hives right now. On that same trip, my very, very new diamond fell out of my wedding ring, and thank God we found it. But now I am all stressed out. Geez. I am so glad you got home!

From Megsie

I forgot to mention: That Cookie Monster story though? THAT is hilarious!

wow...*I* got that feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read your story. definitely embarrassing!! things like this happen to all of us, although thats no consolation when it's happened to

I totally would have made the same mistake.

I'm glad that when we travel west-east back to Europe, the ticket always states:

Arrival 0735 [THE NEXT DAY]

Very helpful when someone is meeting us at the airport to drive us home!

So sorry you had to go through all the stress -- but I think the mistake was perfectly understandable, so BEGONE, Embarrassment!

Glad you had a good trip otherwise. :-)

That would be a very easy thing to mess up. I would feel really bad about it too but remember that the cost of sending you to Singapore was rather large to begin with so adding one more ticket is small change in comparison. Anyway, glad you had a good trip other than the end!

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