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We're getting spoiled over here. Spoiled with summer. Spoiled with sunshine. And spoiled with long weekends. There are a lot of them right in a row during May and June here in Sweden. The weather has been fantastic and even though I'm not necessarily out in it all day, I'm enjoying it so much in my own way. It's nice to feel like the zoom button on my life has been turned to low for a bit, even though I know it's only temporary and part of me was freaking out completely just the other day over the fact that it's only two weeks to the solstice.

The kids have their last day of school on Wednesday. Tomorrow Martin's class is having a picnic. Monday he has his 9th grade dinner (served by the teachers and 8th graders) and Tuesday, my friends Debbie and Camilla are coming over for dinner and to help/watch me bake a cake for Martin's last day of junior high.

Karin is over at a friend's house tonight, Anders has been working in the garden all day, and I've been sorting/cleaning. Martin and I watched 5 episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey in a row tonight and we're already hooked. :)

I'm trying to figure out plans for seeing as much of my mom as possible when I go to Boston this year, as this time it's only for a week. I'm looking forward to showing my cousin's daughter around southern Sweden and Copenhagen when she comes to visit the first week in August. And I can't WAIT for vacation. It's coming with the solstice. 2 more weeks and I am so ready for it. All these long weekends have been practice in relaxing, so that when vacation arrives I will know how to do it in style.

And I have half a coke left in the fridge. (no thanks to my daughter, who drank the other one that was to get me through the weekend). So far, so good. But I have to stop thinking so much about it, or I'll never be able to stick with it. *sigh*

What are YOU looking forward to?
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From Megsie

Well, I am really looking forward to some sunshine. We are having the opposite weather than you are here. It has been cold and gloomy for what it seems like forever. Yesterday the sun peeked out for like five minutes and we all rejoiced...and then groaned when the clouds came back. It rains every single day. We have been joking that we somehow got transported to Seattle.

I am also looking forward to revamping my course. I have some crazy ideas and I think I *may* be on to something. Or I may wreck my students. One or the other.

Re: From Megsie

what a shame you're not having summer weather when it's June. I'd send you some but usually it's the other way around and I confess I'm reveling in it. It's been PERFECT. 72 and sunny, just as if we were in southern California, only with Swedes instead. :)


Oooo! Downton Abbey - I watched all three seasons in just over 48 hours - definitely a series that can get you hooked quick! Glad you're having such beautiful weather - we are here too for once!


I'm looking forward to having some time for pleasure reading this week. I'm looking forward to the annual budget process being D.O.N.E. in two weeks. I'm looking forward to my niece's graduation recital (violin) later this month.

But at the moment, I'm looking forward to 5:00 p.m. ;-)

So so jealous of your sun! Send some my way....

I also want the zoom button on my life to be turned down. Does that happen??

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