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I can't even look at my children sometimes without boggling. They're both taller than I am and it's happened so fast. Martin will be 16 in December. I just asked him how old he was and when he gave me a very sarcastic, "I'm FIFTEEN", I said, "That can't be right."

Time flies, yes, it does.

They both had their last day of school yesterday and when I said I was probably going to go to Martin's if they were at the same time, Karin got all upset and said no one loved her. So I was relieved to find out that her end-of-school ceremony was at 9 a.m. while Martin's wasn't until 11:15.
She had to be there at 8, and Anders couldn't take her so I drove her to school since she understandably didn't want to bike in her dress. I took a book with me and traveled with Richard Coeur de Lion to Outremer for an hour in the car before I went inside ...only to find out that I was LITERALLY THE ONLY PARENT IN THE PLACE. Mmmhmmm...seems once they hit 7th grade, parents are really not the thing. So I gave her a hug when she came in at 9 and skedaddled back home to pick up Martin and head to HIS ceremony.

He had to bring a cake, so I left all the prepared ingredients at home with him and he had it put together when I arrived back to pick him up. It was a meringue cake with whipped cream mixed with Daim chunks (think: Heath bar) and fresh strawberries. SO YUMMY. They had a cake party first, which dozens of treats and then a mini-concert (Martin played the bass guitar!) and then a rather emotional procession for the 9th graders who were leaving BMSL.

So, next fall I will have a high schooler (10th grader!) and an 8th grader in the house. EEK!

You can't see in the photos but the dress is backless and the shoes are white lace. :)

In other news, I've been soda-free for 4 days now. Waking up with headaches every morning and pretty bitchy the first day, but so far, so good.
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