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I can't even look at my children sometimes without boggling. They're both taller than I am and it's happened so fast. Martin will be 16 in December. I just asked him how old he was and when he gave me a very sarcastic, "I'm FIFTEEN", I said, "That can't be right."

Time flies, yes, it does.

They both had their last day of school yesterday and when I said I was probably going to go to Martin's if they were at the same time, Karin got all upset and said no one loved her. So I was relieved to find out that her end-of-school ceremony was at 9 a.m. while Martin's wasn't until 11:15.
She had to be there at 8, and Anders couldn't take her so I drove her to school since she understandably didn't want to bike in her dress. I took a book with me and traveled with Richard Coeur de Lion to Outremer for an hour in the car before I went inside ...only to find out that I was LITERALLY THE ONLY PARENT IN THE PLACE. Mmmhmmm...seems once they hit 7th grade, parents are really not the thing. So I gave her a hug when she came in at 9 and skedaddled back home to pick up Martin and head to HIS ceremony.

He had to bring a cake, so I left all the prepared ingredients at home with him and he had it put together when I arrived back to pick him up. It was a meringue cake with whipped cream mixed with Daim chunks (think: Heath bar) and fresh strawberries. SO YUMMY. They had a cake party first, which dozens of treats and then a mini-concert (Martin played the bass guitar!) and then a rather emotional procession for the 9th graders who were leaving BMSL.

So, next fall I will have a high schooler (10th grader!) and an 8th grader in the house. EEK!

You can't see in the photos but the dress is backless and the shoes are white lace. :)

In other news, I've been soda-free for 4 days now. Waking up with headaches every morning and pretty bitchy the first day, but so far, so good.
mood: proud
music: Daft Punk—Get Lucky


Such handsom offspring you have!!!

I absolutely love Karin her dress, she looks absolutely stunningly beautyful :) Gotte love being able to look great both in sports clothing as well as beautiful dresses and everything in between! :)

She doesn't know how lucky she is!! :)

You need that Daft Punk to get you moving without the caffeine. ;-)

So does Karin switch schools now too or not yet?

Nope, not yet...she'll stay at Killebäck until the end of 9th grade, barring unforeseen circumstances.

All grown up and both, so beautiful.

thanks! :)

From Megsie

You have such cute kids! And I agree, they both look so grown up. How did that happen?

Good for you for the Four Soda (Pop) Free Days!! I am so envious of your determination. I had THREE today. Ugh.

Re: From Megsie

I had many many days like that. I've been drinking cokes since I was far too young. :) Made it through a week! 5.5 days so far!

holy crap, L! :D

haaaa! indeed!

I just love that lace dress. I love dresses that have a sheath under lace. Karin looks so pretty (but I would also have a little sigh at the short length of the dress, as you did).

In one week, my Amélie turns 18, which is not at all possible, because I am 18.

It IS a pretty dress, for sure. Martin recently told me I couldn't be 29 anymore, especially when he hits 16. "That's just creepy, mom". ha!

OMG! Karin in a Backless dress!!!!
I think we need a Godfather intervention!
Put that girl back in her Soccer Uniform immediately!!!!

Martin looks his typical preppy cool self. I like that look.
Has he started a band Yet?

As far as Waking up mornings like that Liz, well you know what your brother would say, right? do not need to post it here.

Love ya all,

I don't know what you mean.


Lovely photos all! But when did Martin learn to play guitar? I must have missed something! Help the headaches by drinking more water- hydration is most important for that! Love, Lizardmom


And where's the photo of Karin looking over shoulder?

It didn't come out very good...


As I mentioned on Facebook, Karin looks lovely (and Martin does too). And I WANT that cake recipe! We have a European market here in now, so I've had Daim bars before - yummy!



You just buy pre-made meringue cake "bottoms" or make your own. Mix whipped cream with chopped Daim bars, slather a goodly amount between the meringues, add a little more on top and then add sliced strawberries. Voila! Super simple!


Yum! Thanks! Shall try!


WOW!!! but I agree get another pic of the back. :) and I agree with Johann.... and I Think you are so blessed to have two such gorgeous and talented kids. :)

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