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First day of a 3-week vacation and my brain wakes me up before 7 am. WTF brain? Couldn't get back to sleep no matter what I tried so here I am to talk at you. Just realized that I haven't posted for ages. I'm a little tired of how time flies, wish it would slow down just a bit.

I worked until nearly 9 pm last night, long after the last warriors had fallen, the day before the midsummer holiday. Because I was on a training trip to Germany on Wednesday, I lost a day of getting things done that I really really needed to get done before I left, and so yesterday was my last chance to do it all, and of course, there were a million interruptions, phone calls to frantic colleagues, 2 meetings and various other disruptors. BUT! After everyone left for the day, I managed to get through EVERYTHING. I got all the enews put together and sent out for review. I got all the ads with deadlines before I get back put together and sent to the publications. I got the last couple of case study layouts that were nearly done finalized and uploaded and I even handled a pile of other miscellaneous jobs to boot.

One of the meetings was my annual salary discussion, in which there is no negotiation, merely information, but for once I was really happy with it. I got an excellent raise and praise from my boss and that felt really nice.

Today is midsummer eve, the longest day of the year. We start the long, slow slide into darkness after midnight, and I'm already sort of dreading it. The whole spring buildup of light is so awesome that facing the other half of the seasonal coin is hard to bear. Even though it's so light in our bedroom (since we still have never gotten around to putting shades/blinds up) that it feels like bright daylight at 3 a.m., it's worth the lack of sleep to get more sunshine. We've had an amazing amount of sunshine in the past couple of months, but today? on the holiday? Yeah, it's windy and cloudy and cold with showers in the forecast. *sigh* Typical!

The trip to Germany was fast and went great. I think I have the hang of this whole training thing now, and feel much more comfortable being a presenter and spending an entire day talking, since it's about things I know well and want to share. My audience of 7 was so attentive and appreciative and asked a lot of great questions, and gave me good feedback to take back. ALL of my training trips have gone well, but it's nice to feel like I'm getting better at it, too. I wasn't even there long enough to eat more than lunch in the office, but I did manage to snag a big German soft pretzel thanks to one of my colleagues. :)

Today marks 2 full weeks of being soda-free. I think I have had more water in the past 14 days than in the rest of my life. Haa! Not really. Surprisingly, the thing I was most worried about, caffeine-withdrawal headaches, hasn't really manifested at all. I HAVE been waking up with headaches most mornings, but the first week I figured out it was the combination of the ceiling fan, dehydration and the facemask I was trying out to block out the light a bit more. Now I think it's mostly dehydration caused by the fan. But I can't sleep without the fan, so it's a little catch-22.

The hardest thing about the no-soda life is the constant, never-ending, ENDLESS thinking about how good a Coke would taste. Does this craving ever go away?? I can't tell after only 2 weeks if it's making any difference weight-wise, but I'm going to stick with it. Even if I have a Coke at some point in the near future (and c'mon, I'm on VACATION NOW), I'm pretty sure I will be able to keep it to the very infrequent instead of immediately slipping back into full-time dependency. But considering that since I don't drink alcohol, coffee, tea, milk or now, soda, my liquid intake options are drastically reduced: water. Water and juice. But mostly water, since I know juice is full of sugar, too and if I just switch to it, that totally defeats the purpose of going off soda.

The second hardest thing is that I want to drink my water (and occasional juice) ICE-COLD, just like I did my Cokes. It's fine when I'm at home and can fill my glass with ice cubes and cold water from the fridge, but elsewhere it's not so easy here in Europe, where ice is scarce.

And finally, our trip to England is planned, hurrah! Commencing radio/blog/vacation silence until further notice.
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it's crazy how busy the week before midummer usually is! at my work we've been completely SWAMPED with samples from new leukemia patients this week, which is extra tough to get past... :(

Urgh, I can't imagine :(

I am sure the cravings will abate, but they linger longer than the physical addiction. In the case of sodas, I guess there isn't an actual addiction per se, but when your body is used to something, it sort of works that way anyway. I've come to love water, though I have not given up my morning cup of coffee. I'm drinking half what I used to drink, now that I stopped making it dessert with milk and sugar. I would love to hear more about your work! After the vaccy, of course.

Well, there is actually a physical addiction: caffeine. What do you want to hear more about in regards to my work?

Duh! I forgot caffeine!

That is true! And that is something I have not given up. Still, I think the goal of being free of everything that causes addiction is a good thing. I admire you for it!

Your work...Liz, I am sure you have written about this before, but I just wasn't there...What sort of company do you work for? When you do training, what are you training others to do? What are your other responsibilities? What are the kinds of customers the company has?

That sort of thing. Now that I'm in a "real job," I like knowing what other people are doing, too.

Re: Duh! I forgot caffeine!

I'll answer this here, as I don't know if I'll remember to write a post about it later...

I work for an IT company, called Axis Communications. We make network surveillance cameras (among some other things) and are quite successful at it, which is fun. I'm a corporate graphic designer in the marketing department (senior) with a team of 5 other designers and 6 events people in our group. We handle all the marketing material, from design to implementation, localization, etc. Everything from layout work for brochures, flyers, invites, event materials, etc. to presentations, web banners and HTMLs and whatever else you can think of. I also do all the print advertisements for most of our regions and the monthly and quarterly enewsletters that go out to all our partners and customers.

We sell our products to distributors, who sell to resellers, who sell to end customers so we are only B2B.

The training I've been doing has been on our Graphic ID, branding, working with our Powerpoint template and various other marketing tools that we have developed for our regional marketing teams.

Re: Duh! I forgot caffeine!

Thanks Liz. Sounds like an amazing job.

Am in awe of your being able to go cold turkey on Coke; I'm sitting here with my can of Coke Zero (my second of the morning!), clutching it tightly. Have tried quitting before, but the cravings have been stronger than I have been, so far...

Hope you have an absolutely lovely, stupendous vacation!

Thanks! I'm pretty amazed at myself that I've made it through 2 weeks, to be honest. I've been a hard-core Coke drinker since my teens.


So glad that the coke withdrawal is going easy. That's the way it was for me - I didn't miss it at all. And I love water. But if you want a little different taste sometimes- add a slice or slash of fruit/juice- even cucumber is tasty in water. So happy for you- I'm sure you'll start seeing results soon- so stay with it! And have a great time on your vacation! Love, Lizardmom

Already do that, Mom :) I usually have some juice in my water at work, though not at home.

From Megsie

I am so glad that it is going well with you! I have been inspired, and I have cut down. I have been having a glass of water to replace my Dr. Pepper, and the goal is to keep it to ONE per day. That is a huge improvement for me. I don't know what will happen when I start the school year, caffeine is just necessary!

It has been dreary and rainy and stormy here to welcome summer as well. I am so happy that you got all of your work done so you can enjoy your time off. I am working on my curriculum a lot, but today I need to do laundry and begin the sorting of my messy table. It needs to be done. I HATE to do it though. It feels like I am swimming through a swamp. Maybe Sarah will help me....? I could bribe her...hmmmm.

I haven't posted for a while either. It is now on my list. How sad that I have to put it on a list!

I hope that this vacation is the BEST ever for you! You deserve it!

Re: From Megsie

Catching up and saw your comment. I've made it through FOUR weeks with only ONE soda. Am very proud of myself, but it's a struggle, no doubt about it.


If the craving gets REALLY bad you could always try sucking on a Haribo Gummy coke. :)
Love your Beeg Leetle Seester.

ew. haha!

Well done for getting off the soda! Can you have sparkling water?? Might help a little. Best of luck staying off it.

Don't like sparkling water, unfortunately. I'm stuck with still water and juice. So far, so good :)

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