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Vacation traveling with teenagers is a lot different than vacation traveling with young kids. It feels harder now, because they are so much more opinionated about what they want to do, or rather about what they DON'T want to do, which is invariably whatever WE want to do. But we mostly manage to compromise or get someone to give in, and mostly everyone gets to do SOMETHING they want to do, and everyone ends up satisfied, for the most part. Though it sometimes takes a lot of eye-rolling and sarcasm to get there.

And nowadays, it's all about the free Wi-fi. Everywhere we went, the first thing the kids (and sometimes us, too) did was check to see if there was free Wi-fi. Addicted!

I don't know why we don't go to England more often. It's so close and it's really cheap to get there, though London is always more expensive than I think it should be. I love that everything is in English, and that the subway is so easy to get around on (TubeMap App made it even easier!)

One of the things I really wanted to do was go see a play or a musical, but alas, they were all so expensive or else nose-bleed section seating and then time got away from us, but that's now on my to-do list for the next time. I DID get to go in lots of bookstores (all English books! Wheee!) and, AND I got to walk around an entire antique market in Covent Garden, which was enough to satisfy the craving for antiquing that I never get to do with anyone but my mom, even though I had to drag Martin around by the ear listening to him complain the entire time. Mom, where are you when I need you??

The first week was spent on a canal longboat and is a whole post in itself. Then we went to Salisbury for 2 nights and saw Stonehenge, Old Sarum and the Salisbury Cathedral. And London was last, for 3 nights. Pictures to come and much more about my thoughts and impressions of our latest family vacation.

The only bad thing? I STILL have a slight swaying feeling leftover from the boat. ...when we googled how long it takes to get your land legs back, the answers were everywhere from hours to WEEKS. We got off the boat last Friday MORNING so it has been nearly a week for me. Everyone else was back to normal after a day or so, though Martin says he still feels it a little when I complain about it.

Also, tomorrow is 4 weeks since I stopped drinking soda. I had ONE coke during the trip and then a couple of sips the night we had KFC (eating cheap). I think that's pretty damn good for a solid Coke fiend like me to make it through a month with one soda. Kudos to me! I still think about it a lot, and it was really hard during the trip, because the kids were ordering and drinking Cokes with every meal until I finally said something and Karin switched to mineral water part of the time, which actually helped.
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So, do you feel or sense any differences after not drinking soda for a month? (from one fiend to another, albeit diet in my case)

Not really yet, but I think it's too soon, plus it's the ONLY thing I've done in regards to weight, so I don't think it's fair to pin all my hopes on that. My skin seems clearer, but I don't know if that's really related.

From Megsie

Oh! What a trip! I can't wait to read all about the details.

I hate that wobbly feeling of sea legs. I hope it passes soon. Yuck.

And, I am interested if you feel a change after a month without the Coke as well. I have long since given up trying to keep it to ONE can of Dr. Pepper a day. Epic Fail.

I hope you are joining the post every day challenge! I am actually enjoying it so far. (I know, it has only been four days. But still.)

Sending you a big hug! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

Not really yet, but I think it's too soon, plus it's the ONLY thing I've done in regards to weight, so I don't think it's fair to pin all my hopes on that.

I doubt I'll manage posting every day, but will at least try to be better :)

The stupid mal de embarquement (isn't that a great name for still having sea legs after getting off the boat) is still hanging with me; in fact sometimes it feels like it's speeded up. URK.

Love London as well, and if it weren't so darned expensive, would spend much more time there. So close, yet such a different world from France.

Congrats on reducing your soda intake! It's really one of the best things you can do for your body.

Thanks! So far, so good :)

From Willow

We were in London last weekend too! How funny to think we could have walked right past each other or ridden the tube together and not realized we knew each other!

Congrats on one month sans soda...that is hard! My husband was very very addicted for years too, and about 10 years ago stopped drinking more than an occasional coke when he committed to losing weight. That and exercise are the main ways he controls his weight now. It works, stopping the sodas!

I laughed when you said traveling with teenagers is harder than little kids. In the throes of the challenges of traveling with a 16-month old right now, but I can see how it will get easier, then harder.

Re: From Willow

How funny! We were on pretty much every underground train it was possible to be on at some point, so it wouldn't be hard to believe we passed you! haha!

Nice to know about your husband's success with the no-soda life. My mom did it too, years ago, and she's stuck with it as well.

It's funny...I think traveling with VERY small kids is about equal to traveling with teenagers, only the issues are different :D

Way to go on the soda front!!!!

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