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I've never had so much fun cleaning the bathroom as I did this weekend. I clean the bathroom pretty regularly on the surface, but I'm not always so good about deep-cleaning...and I can't remember the last time I did a COMPLETE clean. It was past time. I know there will be people totally judging me because my bathroom isn't disinfectant-clean but give me a break. It works for us. Our house is HUGE and just keeping it TIDY is a full-time job and I already HAVE a full-time job.

The kids had to help, and Karin had to help most because she is gone more than Martin and I'm always asking him to do this or that around the house and she escapes that because she's just not there as much as he is.

We were super-slugs otherwise all weekend, all of us except Anders who is working on a major garden project; sleeping in late, laying around, watching Season 3 episodes of Mad Men and watching movies. I did go out on Friday night with my girlfriends, Debbie & Camilla, which started with Camilla and I spending an hour in the bookstore. I put 3 back but still came home with 8 new books. And ended with the three of us at our favorite sushi place in Malmö until nearly 11:30 pm. Fun!

And the weather all weekend? Stunning. Simply Sweden at its summer best.

Martin and I went to IKEA on Saturday, ostensibly to buy him a duvet cover, and for me to get a few other small things on my list. They had NOTHING that worked for his room at all, and even though we tried 2 other places (with him groaning and complaining the entire time), we ended up with no duvet cover (though I did get the other things I wanted), and after I threatened to stop by a few more stores, he promised to SEW up the rip in his current duvet cover by hand instead. I gave him a week. We shall see. On the way home we stopped and rented/bought a bunch of movies and season 4 of Mad Men because what will we do when we are done with season 3?? Season 5 is still too expensive to get, so maybe we'll have to check out Apple TV instead. We bought Life of Pi and Lincoln and then we rented 3 others to watch this week: Pitch Perfect (which was fun, if predictable, with excellent singing), Beasts of the Southern Wild and Wreck-It Ralph. I hope the last two are good as well.

I kept telling the kids that this weekend was bathroom-cleaning weekend but we didn't get around to it at all on Saturday, so Sunday was the day! I let everyone have a leisurely morning, and after everyone had eaten and dressed, we set to. Anders removed the pipe under the tub and pulled it out for me. Karin and I moved EVERYTHING out of the bathroom and started scrubbing. She windexed the mirrors on the cabinets, back and front and cleaned the toilet. Martin cleaned the door, doorframes and baseboards. I took down the shower curtains and scrubbed the walls of the bathtub.

I had cleaned out the cabinets about a month or so ago and they were fine, so we didn't worry about those. I cleaned the bathtub and then the drain-well and then we tackled the disgusting mess underneath the bathtub. GAH! Two people with long hair and ages of neglect... *shudder* But Karin and I made a game out of it because we took the showerhead and basically just HOSED down the entire room. It's all tiled so we didn't worry about water going everywhere. Karin was stripped down to her bathing suit and I had shorts and a tank-top on, and we got soaked but MAN, is that bathroom clean! Last we put up the new shower curtains I bought a couple of weeks ago and put everything back. It's a joy just to walk in there now. :)
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I think I'm very glad that we don't have that space under the tub. I shudder to think about the hair and dust that would accumulate there.

We have the opposite kind of floors; 150 year old wood floorboards that have been painted. Terrible. What I wouldn't give for tile, or even a slab of linoleum.

I could have bio-engineered a small mammal with what we found under the tub. :P

my kitty has successfully pulled out most of the dust bunnies from under the shower and placed them in a pile on the floor. want to borrow him? i bet he's even more efficient if you rub him with an ebonite rod first. :)

Maybe in another 11 years when it's this bad again! haha!


Must be time for me to visit! Love, Lizardmom


From Megsie

Only you could have FUN cleaning a bathroom. Oh, my. I am so thankful that my tub is part of the floor because I am so NOT a good housekeeper. I was totally with you when you were talking about the "super slug" status of your weekend, and then polishing and such came in to play, and I was: ?

We saw Wreck It Ralph on Sarah's birthday, it took me a while to get into it, but I thought it was pretty good. Cute mostly.

Also? Your mom's comment made me laugh!

Re: From Megsie

I didn't care that much for Wreck-It Ralph, but loved Beasts of the Southern Wild and Pitch Perfect. Martin and I have raced through 5 seasons of Mad Men, though. :)

From Willow

Hooray for having a good attitude about deep cleaning. Been avoiding some here, gahhh!

Re: From Willow

I just do it in room now, one room ...much later. ha1

We call ourselves slugs around these parts too on the weekend.

And really, Liz, I can never quite comprehend how you get as much done--even just relaxing stuff like watching movies--as you do. HOW!?

Do everything in small sections. And never procrastinate. Ha!

Wow. Wish you could come and clean mine Liz! It has been driving me crazy, but hand & foot maladies keep me still at bare minimum in terms of cleaning anything. It has been sort of a summer off from cleaning, but doesn't feel good like that sounds.

I'm back online. woohoo. Internet hooked up.

Here is what I am saying to five or six of you LJ friends:

"In all practicality, and with all else I've to catch up on due to my body mishaps and enforced inactivity, I doubt I will be able to go back and read all of your entries of this past summer. I wish you (and a small handful of others) would do little summaries of the last 3 or 4 months (May onward) complete with links to any of the entries I simply should not miss. ...perhaps it should be a meme? Title= help gnostraeh to catch up... *chuckle*

In lieu of the meme, maybe you could direct me to anything terribly important, full of information, or fun, not to be missed? Thanks."

Looking forward to catching up Liz.

I am sorry but you have to go back and read it all... :D ...not that I have posted much!

"I am sorry but you have to go back and read it al"

Well damn... wouldn't ya know it....

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