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I cannot WAIT until the kids go back to school. Back to regular routine. Back to real life.

We have had a super summer and I am kind of sad, despite that first sentence, that it is drawing to a close. The fields are bare, or full of hay bales and the clouds have started rolling in. The temperature dropped drastically recently (coooool) and we've had thunderstorms and sudden downpours. After this summer of nearly perfect weather, it's quite the dramatic change.

It's been on my mind to sit down and write a post WEEKS. Eeek. It wasn't intentional, I swear. Things just kept rolling along and I was either too busy or too lazy or not here.

We had my cousin Beth's daughter, Jordon, here all last week, and Sweden showed off all its best sides for her. We took her to Copenhagen and Tivoli, to Ales Stenar (where she and Karin got to paraglide!), a family dinner with mutual cousin Cate, to Malmö and Lund and Flyinge Kungsgård as well as a real Swedish crayfish party. She was in Valencia, Spain, since the middle of May studying Spanish and then tooling around Europe. She just went home on Monday after nearly THREE months away from home. THREE months. I don't know how I'll stand it when it's my turn to be the parent left at home trying to keep tabs on my traveling kids.

This is the middle of my NINTH week soda-free. Except I had Coke for my birthday on Saturday because hello! NINE WEEKS. And you know what? That was the BEST DAMN COKE I have ever had. Back to water and juice and I'm fine. I think that was perfect. I think having that to look forward to made it just enough easier to get through...I shall look forward to my Christmas Coke now! haha!

I really really want another computer because I'm so tired of fighting with the kids when I want to sit down and check email or write a post. Stupid PC games. Stupid World of Warcraft. I think we need to reinstate Computer Time. I don't know why we never got around to putting it on this computer when we got it. More soon, I swear.
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From Megsie

"That was the BEST DAMN COKE I have ever had." HA! Not that I am instigating anything, but, since you ARE American, shouldn't you have a Thanksgiving Coke? Just wondering! (snicker)

Re: From Megsie

haha! I told my bookgroup what you said last night and they encouraged me to start with LABOR DAY. Then Columbus Day, then Halloween...I don't think they're clear on the concept here. :P

Re: From Megsie

I like the way that group thinks!

I loved seeing the recent photos over on FB!

My life is starting to settle into a somewhat more normal routine and with the return of my colleague from parent leave at the beginning of September I hope we can find some LONG OVERDUE sushi time!

I'm glad to hear your life is settling down into normalcy again! Mine is...well, as usual. I am only here next week, then gone for 2 weeks. But I can't do lunch until I get back anyway: BROKE!

Well gee, when I asked for important news it coulda, shoulda, woulda been the soda-free thing Liz! Go you!! That is an accomplishment. There should be a 12 step program for soda.
Glad the birthday soda tasted so good too.

It is quite the thing when the kidlets start globe hopping.

I hope you never get the answering machine message I got once (and still have saved the tape somewhere).
I arrived home a couple of hours after the message that went something like..."MOMMMMMMM, are you there? I missed the last ferry across to England" I'm in a phone booth by the docks and it is getting dark. I'm getting scared and I don't know what to do. I'll wait here for an hour. The number is..."

She was 17, traveling alone on a shoestring budget, had done well in France & Germany going to stay with friends' famlies and even surmounting some problems... but felt at wits in that moment.

It was a really rough day for me!!!
She figured it out and got to a safe place and then got the ferry in the morning to our friends in England.

haha! Everyone else is making a much bigger deal out of the soda thing than I am. I never thought it would be so interesting! :)

Your story made me gasp and laugh...aiaiai! I can't imagine!!


Happy Back to School Day to Martin and Karin - Love, Lizardmom

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