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I just looked out the window as I saw movement from the corner of my eye and the little black and white cat next door was doing that just-before-pouncing butt-wiggle thing at the little grey cat from next door. Cute! It's the first day of vacation again (3rd time round) and my brain woke me up at 6:30 a.m. for what I thought was a quick trip to the bathroom and then gave me a panic attack of thinking I might have to be at the airport in two hours which sent me scrambling to check my flight info and then wouldn't let me go back to sleep after re-confirming that the flight is TOMORROW.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a 2-week trip to the States and it occurs to me that since I'm up I might as well write a post, since I have been so incredibly lame at writing anything this month. The busy! Rev, rev, zoom, as per usual procedure when summer comes to a close. We had the first week of school and so far, so good. Martin seems to be finding his feet at his new high school and grabbing his burgeoning rise into adulthood with both hands.

Both cats just went bounding by the window. It's like having a Looney Tunes in the background without the soundtrack.

The sky is blue with wispy clouds...another gorgeous day, hurrah! The temperature has cooled down and I will enjoy today to the fullest as everything I've heard/read about the weather in the States is that it's hot and humid in both places I'm going: 2 weather conditions that are high on my least-fond-of list. We have a grill party to go to tonight, so I have to get a pile of things done before 4 p.m. that include: packing (!), picking up Karin, calling 2-3 new AWC membership registrations, putting the flea market donations out on the curb, ironing, cleaning the fish tank and emptying the garbage cans.

I suspect that it will be another stretch of time before I get my butt back online to post here, since I know how crazy things are when traveling. I am super excited to be going home (even if I wish my family was going with me)...to see my mom, my sister, my grandmother, my aunts and uncles, my cousins and my American colleagues. I just wish it was longer. It's never long enough, is it? It means having to put our West Wing marathon on hold, though, which is a bummer...Martin and I are really getting into it.

The clock passed 8 a.m. a few minutes ago, and I guess I'll get going on my list of chores so I can sit down to finish the book I'm in the middle of so I don't have to take a half-read book on a 2-week trip with me, and then maybe get to watch at least one more episode of President Bartlet and Gang before the rest of the day takes off and I do, too.
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