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It seems to take a gargantuan effort to get here and then when I do, meh. I am lame, admittedly. I have been blogging/journaling online/writing here since August of 2003. Dude! that is TEN YEARS!!

I used to write 1-2 times a DAY in the beginning and once a day for years and years. Big, long, looping posts full of wishes and dreams and memories and happenings and what not. Now? I seem to have trouble conjuring up a simple paragraph describing my day, much less anything of actual importance.

I know that bloggers and writers go through sterile periods and that sometimes life just takes over and drives you full speed past all the posting exits, but those are just excuses, right? If I really wanted or needed to be writing, I'd be doing it. Oh, I'm READING. And sometimes commenting. And though you may not realize it, I'm CARING. But if a tree falls in the forest, and I don't comment on it, how will the tree know I give a damn?

Some of this is jetlag talking, but some of it has been percolating for a long time, as my posts get more and more infrequent and less and less readable or relevant.

What I need is some Moonstruck slap-in-the-face SNAP OUT OF IT mojo.

My life is going just fine; I am busy, the kids are busy, and Christmas is coming. And I have so many things to dooooooooooooo ... but still, that is no excuse. I have not been putting words together. I will write more. I will.
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