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Usually when I write a journal post, I write it first and THEN title it, but tonight, because I have nothing to say, I started with that.

Things Martin and I have looked up as direct result of watching The West Wing, usually WHILE watching The West Wing:

1. When Israel was created
2. What boondoggle means
3. Who was the first and who was the last President to have facial hair (Lincoln/Taft)
4. Whether Hans is really a Swedish last name
5. Where, exactly, the White House is, in Washington D.C.
6. What's across the street from the White House
7. What a filibuster is and how it works
8. Whether the actress playing Mrs Landingham really died (and incidentally, Martin was mad at ME about that)*
9. What President Bartlet said in Latin after Mrs Landingham's funeral when he was cursing God
10. What Jed was a nickname for
11. Who was the real President when the show first aired
12. How many countries Queen Elizabeth actually is head of state for
13. Whether Stockard Channing really played Rizzo in Grease (Martin didn't believe me)
14. What the State of the Union address is and how it works
15. When the Civil Rights Act passed
16. What a caucus is
17. How many Presidents have been assassinated
plus more I can't remember...

And we're only 5 episodes into Season Three! I LOVE THIS SHOW.

The weather can't make up its mind lately; a sure sign of autumn. The trees haven't really started to go but it won't be long and it won't be long either before I see a sugar beet on the side of the highway, as it's nearing time for the factory to rev up its smokestacks. I wore socks for the first time today, and closed-toe shoes. I had been hoping to stave off the inevitable for a little longer, but Sweden dialed it down to 7.5 degrees Celsius this morning and I caved.

It's the start of Crazy Season for sure...something to do every single day this week and that's not even counting soccer since Karin's knee has been acting up again and she's been missing practice because of it. All of my appointments ended up in the same week: parent/teacher conference for Karin yesterday, Make-Barky-Beautiful-Appointment today, work mingle tomorrow with the regional marketing managers, dentist appointment Thursday, AWC lunch Friday. I don't THINK I have anything scheduled for this weekend, but I'm afraid to look at the calendar.

I was all psyched yesterday because someone stepped up to take the last open nomination slot on the AWC board, and with elections just 2 weeks away I was starting to get worried that we wouldn't find a replacement for our Treasurer who wants to step down, and then today another current board member told me she wants to step down too. AUGH. But she said she's already talked to someone who is interested in her job, so I really, REALLY hope that is the case and that we don't have to have any last-minute panic over filling all the positions. I've been on the board for 15 years. I was hoping to step down too, but no one offered to take my position, and since I don't really mind that much, I put my name back in when it seemed clear no one was going to.

Mostly what I want to do is sleep. I'm tired and not sleeping well which compounds the problem. It's got nothing to do with staying up late reading. It's just the getting up in the morning that's no fun. It's NEVER been fun, though. I don't know that I look forward to retirement so much because I can't imagine not having my work to do, but I can get right down with the idea of not having to set an alarm clock ever again. And with that in mind, I'm off to set the damn thing once more.

Do you look forward to retirement? What do you plan to do with all that time?

*With good reason /Martin
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I can't imagine retirement. I can't imagine being secure enough financially to ever not be working. I know I am putting money away through work but I never pay attention to how much is in there because it's just depressing. My grandmother lived to be 98. I always think about how that's a whole third of her life after a normal retirement age (not that she ever worked but you know what I mean) for which one would need to be able to cover your costs of living. While I'd love to stop working tomorrow, odds are I will be working for many years to come.

Oddly, I have no trouble thinking about what I would do if I struck it rich through some impossible means and could just quit. The pie in the sky is a lot easier to imagine than the harsh reality, or at least a lot more fun!

Also, I now have to look up this whole Mrs. Landingham fiasco.

I think most of us will be working longer than we think we will; longer than our parents did, for sure.

And the fiasco had more to do with the fact that I wouldn't answer Martin's question about whether there were any characters that wouldn't in the next season than with the fact that her character died. :P

I really like my job and can't imagine retiring, although if my health doesn't improve, I may actually have to consider it. At present, though, with the hope that the thyroid stuff will do its thing, I plan on working until 70 (when Ray will be old enough to retire - got me a toy boy) and then moving back to Sweden.

Assuming you are a Swedish citizen, then :)

From Megsie

I think I need to revisit The West Wing! I watched it when it was on its last legs, but never went back to the beginning. What fantastic conversations you have inspired!

As for retirement? What is that? I just got a JOB! I haven't thought about it at all, and if the current process keeps going as it is, I don't think anyone will be ABLE to retire in the future. We will just die one day at work....

Speaking of, I am here at work now, and should get to it!

Re: From Megsie

Everyone needs to revisit the West Wing! It gives your brain a real workout. Today we looked up where the Vice President actually has HIS office, since he's not a major force on the show (at least through season 3) and usually has to be summoned hence.

As for retirement, you made me laugh but I agree with you. In harness, eh?

What a great way for Martin to learn the ins and out of US governance!

As for retirement: read books. I am hoping to join a book club before then, however.

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