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I don't usually post quizzes, but this was too funny!

You are a typical BILLY bookshelf in dark plywood!

BILLY bookshelves are neat and tidy and can be relied on to keep their promises. They always read the safety instructions and always pay attention to the flight attendants' safety demonstrations on every flight. Many BILLY bookshelves wear crash helmets. But that doesn't mean they're dull - on the contrary, they are great jokers and like to play the clown at family get-togethers and private parties.

Career: Fickle is not a word that is part of the vocabulary of a BILLY - stamina, on the other hand, is. Professionally, many bookshelves are computer technicians, inventors, doctors and teachers. BILLY bookshelves should however make sure that they don't stuck in a corner somewhere and forgotten. They need to put their best foot forward and not be afraid to use their elbows. There is always someone around them who can shout louder than they do.

What IKEA furniture are YOU?
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Jag tog testen, jag är TV-stället OBSERVATÖR! Kul kul......*fnissar*

My colleague was Observatör too and she was just crushed. (I think she has secret aspirations to be a Poäng chair)

I'm the RUSKA hall mirror. hahaha

i'm also an observatör . . but i have those shelves ;)

i am a RISKA hall mirror too...interesting!! i never thought of myself that way...hehe.

Billy rules!

Another observatör here, your life seems filled with them! But we do have 7 Billys in our living room at present (and another one needed if we could find a spot for it).

SEVEN! Wow. We've got 5 tall bookcases (from the States, not Billy) in our living room, 1 low one in our bedroom, 3.5 Ivars in the library, 1.5 billys in the hallway and the kids have 2 billys each in their rooms. We had SO MANY books! :)

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