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When the weekend comes, what I want is not to have things to do, or errands to run or cleaning to get done. I want to RELAX, not think about work, sleep in, read books, watch West Wing and be a vegetable. Sometimes I don't care if the sun is shining or it's nice outside...I just want to be a slug in every possible way.

Most weekends I get to do at least some of that. I almost always get to sleep in. I almost always get to read and watch some West Wing. But there are always things that have to be done. Or places that I have to be. Or people that I have to see. Or laundry. There is ALWAYS laundry.

This weekend was a mix of everything...a sushi night on Friday with people I like (including my kids), sleeping in like a total slug on Saturday (mostly because I woke up at 4 a.m. with a horrible headache, got up and took an Advil and then flailed through crazy drugged dreams until I woke up again several hours later. At least the headache was gone. Saturday was super-sluggy. I finished the translation book and Martin and I had a West Wing marathon: we've started Season 4 now. I did a boatload of AWC work, membership stuff and finalizing the PPT for the Annual Meeting tomorrow.

Today was a busy day...even though I DID get to sleep in, it wasn't for as long as I would have liked for a Sunday. We took the kids to Emporia for a list of errands that had to be dealt with: Karin to the Apple store to get her phone reset (which then fell out of her pocket 15 minutes later onto the tile floor of a changing room and cracked the screen...*sigh*), Martin to H&M to get new pajama pants and sweaters, plus socks for both of them.

Lunch at the food court (sushi again!) and then we went to Malmö Mässan where there were three tradeshows in progress: Travel, Health & Beauty, and Home & Villa. Anders wanted to talk to furnace people since we have to get ours replaced or fixed in the next couple of months before winter sets in, and there were 4 companies there, so he did that while the kids and I wandered around and picked up goodie bags. There were several booths with massage chairs and tables (and long lines) but we did try the chairs and they were great. Karin bought a couple of kitchen gadgets that make spirals out of fruit and vegetables and a little spigot that you can stick in a lemon or orange.

Then we went to Anders' parents for a couple of hours and then home to relax a little more before another week of work. I can't believe it will be October on Tuesday. Am boggled.
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From Megsie

I saw your post taunting me earlier, but I had to get my paper done and then go to Target to get essentials and THEN we went out with my family for a bunch of celebrating--two birthdays (my sister's and my dad's) and my parent's anniversary.

All that to say, I agree. Weekends are for slugging. For sure. If I could only make that happen!

Sounds like a lovely weekend for you my dear! Sushi TWICE??

Am boggled about October as well. Boo!

Re: From Megsie

Taunting you? NEVER! Unless you mean because we ate all the cake :P

And sshhh, sushi tonight, too :D

I just wrote about weekends too. So many Saturdays, I just wish I could escape to a hotel room somewhere, order room service, and read in bed until Monday comes around again. I would take a full work week over two days of chores and errands ANYtime!

(BTW, when I tried commenting using OpenID, it marked my comment as spam. Don't know if that's a setting you can change?)

Weird... I didn't get any other message from you marked as spam. but Open ID is weird, it always gives me trouble when I use it on your site, too!

I want a kitchen gadget that makes little spirals out of fruits and veggies. I been taking a google break, now wonder what type Karin got.

I used to take that sort of weekend day of sleeping in and not having to be glued to any sort of schedule, midweek, on Wednesday, so I could schedule things with working friends on weekends. I have sort of let that go, but as it was such a self nurturing life saving sort of thing, I hope to re-instate it soon.
If I were still a working woman I think I would have to have at least one of my weekend days as such. I totally know what you mean about needing time to RELAX, no "to do" list! Good luck with that. I found it terribly difficult while working all week, and while having children still at home.

Yay sushi! It is so good to know what we like, what both nourishes and nurtures us.

Yay for quirky kitchen gadgets! I love things like that. I usually wind up using them only once or twice, and then can't find them when I need them or don't have time to use them. But I love them anyway. :-)

Sadly, weekends for me nowadays mean studying, because that's when I get all the grad school work done. Only one more year, though, and I can go back to being a happy slug!

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