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The amount of high-speed bandwidth we pay for each month gets used up by around the 15th these days. It's due to 4 people being online pretty much all their waking hours. One child with a mobile glued to her hand, texting and skyping and instagramming and whatever else she's doing. Two children listening to Spotify online, searching for music, watching YouTube videos. One husband watching television replays, news, and me...on the computer, checking Facebook, etc. We all check email. We all surf the web. We all rent movies on the Apple TV. It eats up our reservoir and leaves us with a




We could, of course, pay more, but it's a LOT more, so we just resign ourselves to living as if we were on dial-up for the last half of every month.

It means, among other things, that I'm NOT online as much as I might be in the first 15 days...I don't watch videos or check my friends list, or read the blog entries of people whose writing I love, or click on links that I know will take ages to download. It's frustrating, but it's how we live now. It used be just me, monopolizing the ether of the cyberspace. I could spend hours reading blogs, commenting, starting conversations, browsing art sites, ...not now.

When you run out of Internet, you have to find other ways to amuse yourself than the ones that have become de facto. You read books. You watch DVDs. You play games or clean house or maybe you nap. Sometimes you might let yourself wish for the good old days when the kids were small and only played PC games that didn't require online access or 7 kronor receipts from iTunes. And sometimes you might catch yourself looking forward to the days when you'll have that high-speed bandwidth all to yourself again...but only for a second because the payoff isn't really worth it if even it's expected and how the world works and then all you'll be able to think about for ages afterwards is how lonely the house will be when there aren't four people in it spending all their time using up the Internet together.
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From Megsie

Yes. I catch myself too. Usually staring at the laundry to be done (which I ignore most of the time anyway). Or when I have a full day at work and then have to drive and drive and drive. But, tonight, Sarah is at a friend's house. She left at noon and is sleeping over. It is SO quiet. And weird. I really can't imagine how it will be when there are no kids left. I don't really want to, even if I fantasize about it every once in a while...

I love your writing, Liz. xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

Karin slept away both Friday and Saturday this weekend and I was actually out Friday night with friends. I have to confess I am looking forward to next weekend when Anders is taking the kids to Tropical Islands in Germany for 3 days...quiet bliss in the house haha!

Laundry. UGH. I don't remember what it was like to do laundry before kids.

Liz, two things come to mind. One is that it is interesting to me to see how you self-limit the internet. Not by rationing so that it will last the month for everybody, but by letting it "run out" so everybody then deals with not being 100% on on on. It means there has to be a life without the total immersion. The other thing, of course, is the looming empty nest. When I married JF, his house had this amazing tapestry in the dining room of the Lady and the Unicorn series that his mother had created when all three kids had left home. I went back to college and became a techie, my life change amounting to a "re-invention" in American terms. Some people don't actually let their kids go, even when they are out of the house. But fwiw, I've found this an amazingly creative and exciting time. Love my kids, but I'm glad they are out in the world being the grownups I raised them to become, and I can be the post-mother-hen mom that I've become.

Well said Trish.

Even though we run out of high-speed, it doesn't stop us all from being "on" all the time anyway...we're just slower and more frustrated :D

What a lovely thing to create, that tapestry your MiL had!

I'll let my kids go, but I suspect adjusting to life without them around all the time will be much more difficult than I expect. Thanks for your thoughtful words!

I am spoiled during the day by having new computers and a fast connection at work. I never think about it. At home our computers are old and our connection isn't that fast. We stream Netflix for the kids and G is usually using one of our aging Macbooks, Ingrid on her iPod, it ends up being quite pokey. As a result, I usually resort to my phone and let work pick up the tab so I can be on the 4G connection. I contemplate upgrading our speed but it would very likely involve new hardware or software and our computers and budget aren't set up for that so we poke along. Yes, you can have what you want on demand, but it's going to come at its own pace.

I am spoiled at work, too. But you're can have what you want, but you have to pay the price!

Ah, sweety, time goes by doesn't it? My baby boy is 37 years old and uses up his own internet now... And all three of my girls too. It's been ages.

I grieved and mourned when they left the nest, as I was also applauding the day. And it has been wonderful, though challenging, to have me to myself again and all that implies. Changing the job description after all those years of honing on the job mothering skills was a bit of a transition, but I just had to remember that I .... well there's an old song... it is really about a guy, but bits of it apply:

"Got along without ya before I met ya, gonna get along without ya now..."

You are raising AMAZING persons.

I Love this entry, and miss your presence around here, but now I understand. *chuckle*

I hope I am raising amazing persons! Time will tell, won't it. Even if I think they are pretty amazing already. :)

It's been a tough adjustment for ME, not to be able to be present when I want to be, and then not always wanting to be either...lame, I know.

No, not lame at all. Merely human.

I wonder how far Fred and I would get into the month before running out: we don't have smart phones, or iPads, but we do stream Netflix and Amazon, and spend a lot of time on the computers.

Although a little slow-down is good for the soul, I'm not sure I could stand two straight weeks of it, every month (especially since my grad school program is all online). Now, running out of television halfway through the month, that might be a really good thing, in our house! More time for reading... :-)

2 straight weeks of it every month is totally a bit much. I can't even work from home the last half of the month. SUCK

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