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I am sitting in the second story bleachers in the gymnasium in Södra Sandby having my knees bumped by every soccer-playing prepubescent boy in the village AND their parents as they walk back and forth in front of me. Karin is participating in Sandby Cup, along with some of her other teammates, despite the fact that it's a boys tournament. I don't know if they just didn't have enough players or what, since these are only 13-minute 5-man indoor games but she asked me twice if I would come watch and since I feel guilty about the amount of her games last season that I didn't see, I agreed...also because it's inside and I don't have to stand on the edge of a wet field in the rain and because I love her and a couple of hours in a smelly gym won't kill me. She has missed a lot of soccer this year, both because of sore throats and knee issues so this is the first time she has played in awhile. It's been hard for her because she's the soccer kid and a lot of her definition of self comes from this. I can relate: I was the choir kid. But I hope that she, like me, can broaden her view of herself just in case the knee thing turns out to be a significant hindrance. In the meantime, her team is up to play in one minute so I have to go cheer now.
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Go Karin! Glad to hear that you are supporting her -I'm sure she's really thrilled that you are there. Hope the team won! Love, Lizardmom

I think she was more thrilled because I had cash on me and she could get snacks at the food stand :P

From Megsie

I had three kids in soccer this fall, and it was a beautiful fall for soccer. Warm weather, sunshine. However, I know exactly the miserable wet field in the cold and rain, and let's not forget wind, of which you speak. You can get used to the smell, after all. I hope she won! And I hope her knees hold up. I have a hockey kid, but the others don't really have one choir? soccer? golf? softball? It is all up in the air. xo

Re: From Megsie

No winning tonight, unfortunately, but at least she got to play! I hope the break she's been taking from soccer and the strength training she and Anders are doing will help the knees, so she can start again after the end of the year

Ouch, I hope Karin's knee thing isn't too serious. My youngest daughter, Brieana, still has knee issues and had to drop out of her Polynesian dance troupe a few years back.

Well, we don't know how serious it is yet, but it's serious enough to keep her out of half a season, so...I think if we're not careful now it could be very serious later. Knee issues in girls her age are pretty high.

Please be careful now with it, Brieana has had a lot of trouble because she tried to keep dancing, and also because she kept wearing heels for a while.

Way to go, Karin! (And cheers for not having to stand in a wet field in the rain!)

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