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Posting from the iPad tonight because Karin stole the computer and took the Playstation too, and is spending the night with her best friend Julia and about 30 boys at their school for an overnight LAN event.

Martin is out with a friend at a movie in Lund and Anders is asleep in the big chair in front of the TV, which is currently being loudly narrated by someone rhapsodizing about American burgers.

I am going to make popcorn and read before I have to go get Martin at 11:30...I hope you are having a mysig Friday evening, wherever you are!

mood: relaxed


Overnight LAN events at school omgosh how cool hahahah I woulda loved that as a teenager:D /geekmode off

Trevlig helg!

She's been several times...loves them!

From Megsie

This totally counts. Totally. My husband is notorious for falling asleep...well....anywhere. Anytime as well. 10:00 in the morning? 2:00 in the afternoon? After dinner? You name it. In a chair, on the floor, on the couch... So that made me smile. A book and popcorn sounds just about perfect! I am grading papers, so it is sort of like reading. Right? Right.

Re: From Megsie

That's totally reading. Maybe not so entertaining or relaxing, but definitely reading.

Popcorn and reading, sounds like a wonderful evening! :-)

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