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This is a list of things made for dinner lately during my ongoing total cooking dry spell:

Anders made
Lasagna, with proscuitto & parmesan salad
Beef patties with sauteed onions and boiled potatoes
Tomato soup with garlic bread
Sweet & sour chicken with rice
Meatballs with macaroni
Spaghetti with herb, cream and bacon sauce
Oven-baked salmon with tomato, garlic & basil cream
French onion soup
Breaded whitefish with potatoes
Oven-baked ham (kassler) with pineapple and rice

I've made
Tuna sandwiches
Tuna casserole

Martin tells me, when I say I don't feel like making anything, that it's my social obligation as a parent to make sure my kids are fed. I say, "Make your own damn dinner." In return for food and clothing and housing, it is his job not to do drugs or other illegal activiites or get girls pregnant. He just told me that part for the first time, since otherwise he says it makes him sound like an ingrate.

They're old enough to make their own dinner, but neither one of them does unless it involves microwaves or sauteeing frozen hash browns and schnitzels. That's kind of sad ("says the one who's made tuna meals for the last month," says Martin).

Years ago, when the kids were younger, they pulled a meal strike...everything we made was BORING and we had the same meals OVER AND OVER and finally they just rebelled. They were right. We'd gotten lazy and did what was quick and easy and what we knew they'd eat. So we made them write up a list of meals they liked and wanted and we did pretty good at coming up with new ideas and being more creative for a long time.

But now I'm tired of cooking. I just want to come home and either make something for just me or eat something someone else has made, or go out for something. Everything is boring and I am completely uninspired and unmotivated and also, lazy.

Anders has stepped up to fill the breach admirably, which makes my slacking off that much easier...though I suspect if he reads this (hi honey!) he might have second thoughts about being so good-natured. But, let's face it, he IS the better cook. (Martin just made brown-noser motions at me) I've got a handful of recipes that I am good at, but everyone is tired of those, and I'm not in the mood to look for new ideas yet.

Maybe I should institute KID CHEF days. Or like Sheryl, Weird Food Wednesdays or something. It's not like I don't have a row of good cookbooks to peruse or a pile of ripped out recipes that once struck me as yummy-sounding from various magazines or ...I don't know, the ENTIRE INTERNET FULL OF FOOD IDEAS, but nothing seems to be kickstarting my inner sous chef. I don't need recipes. I just need a swift kick in the butt. Or maybe just a little more time to selfishly percolate and allow Anders to continue as the best Swedish Chef I know. Bork!
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Um, I'm 46 and I still expect my mom to cook for me if I'm at her house. And sometimes even when she's at my house. In my defense, she loves to cook and I hate it, and she's leagues better than I am as a result. Why wouldn't I want to take advantage of that? I am willing to drive 4 hours to her house, in no small part so that she will do the cooking instead of me. The only thing I make that's better than my mom's cooking is soup. I make kick ass soup.

Edited at 2013-11-09 02:29 pm (UTC)

I love it when I'm home and my mom cooks for me...she is always gracious about providing some old childhood favorites. Since I get them only every few years, I think that's fair! :D

Also: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm SOUP

I dislike cooking. I learned to do it while I lived alone, because, hey, a girl's gotta eat, but I never particularly enjoyed it. When Fred and I got married, I kept cooking, because I knew how and he didn't (he apparently survived on hot dogs, spaghetti, and take-out, all those years). He finally took on the task of learning when I had my surgery two years ago and couldn't do the cooking for six weeks, and took over cooking entirely when I went back to school. He's pretty hesitant to try new recipes on his own, so our meals rotate through a small collection of things he's familiar with; if I want something else, it means making it with him a couple of times until he's comfortable with it, or just making it myself. I can live with that. :-)

Good for Fred! I have also learned to cook, but it's definitely not something I love to do. Anders gets much more into it than I do, and loves to try new things.

From Megsie

I hate to cook. I used to like it, but only once in a while, when I could cook all day, and putter and fuss and then BE DONE. Kids killed that desire. Now, I HAVE to cook. Jeff doesn't get home until 6:30 and we are HUNGRY by then. I can cook some stuff pretty well, but my husband is definitely more talented and creative. I wish he would take over. I love it when he cooks. I requested Gumbo, and he seemed to be positive about that, so I am hoping that we get to eat that tonight. I made a yummy pork roast in the crockpot this week, but we ate it ALL WEEK. I will finish it off when I get home from work.

Yes, I am at work. I have everything packed up to go home, but thought I would read my beloved writers in the quiet of my office so I could enjoy every word.

Thanks for the vote of confidence for my FAIL last night. I am totally breaking the rules on that one.

Re: From Megsie

Cook all day? *shudder* that doesn't sound like fun AT ALL. Once in awhile I come across a recipe that I simply have to try, but most of the time, I know that our meals will be MUCH better if I can wheedle Anders into cooking them :)

Also: rules, schmules

Edited at 2013-11-10 08:59 pm (UTC)


I say just enjoy that Swedish Chef!!!!


You know it! :D


I say: Start Kid Chef nights. It's the only way to teach them how to cook- and they need to learn that. It can be a fun week-end night and they can find the recipe and make the grocery list and do the work. It's HOMEwork time!

I know, I agree, but finding open evenings isn't as easy as it used to be!


Oh- light bulb moment!- you said Anders will be gone for 2 weeks while I'm visiting. And his meal list sounds so wonderful... Love, Lizardmom

It might get cancelled now...we're still waiting to hear. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Three words: breakfast for dinner. Any teenager can manage that!

They've tried to make pancakes a couple of times. With mixed results!

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