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This weekend was another one filled with good things, the things I like best for weekends: getting things done, reading, sleeping in, sushi, meals cooked by my husband...today he made a fantastic American Sunday brunch with hash browns, bacon, scrambled eggs and flapjacks with maple syrup. It was in honor of Swedish Father's Day, and you might wonder why HE had to make the breakfast but that would mean you didn't read yesterday's post. It was delicious. Then he got to open his Father's Day presents which were comprised of booze and candy, so hopefully he felt it was all worth it. :D

I finished reading The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier which I had started Friday night and gobbled down. Good stuff! And now I'm gobbling Malcolm Gladwell's latest: David & Goliath. More good stuff!

We went to Anders' parents in the afternoon to spend a few hours with them...his mom is recovering nicely from the fall that put her in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, though her knee is still giving her trouble. Anders' sister was there for about 20 minutes after we arrived, but had to leave for a class. She has just started a new business, making adorable and gorgeous baby clothes plus some other things (sewing, crochet & knitting) and the stuff on her blog is beautiful. It's called Liten Elsa, check it out! Her daughter, equally talented in different ways, is the photographer, blogger and photographer. Together they are making some pretty stuff!

It's been a cold and very rainy day...perfect for staying inside and being slugs. We stopped on the way home and got sushi to go from our favorite restaurant in Malmö (Yukai) and then had a leisurely evening...until the end of Martin's shower when the well beneath the bathtub suddenly gurgled and burbled and overflowed, exactly like it had done to me earlier this morning. AAGH. It meant an extra load of rugs and towels today and now I have to do them AGAIN. We can't tell what's causing it and Karin and Anders both were able to shower after us without a problem.

We got our Christmas wish list put together and emailed out to my family, who are due to reciprocate with THEIR wish lists, so we can all get serious about our gift-giving this year. It may seem like cheating, but living so far apart, we need all the help we can get. I've already done quite a bit of shopping and have my brother's family pretty much done, and some stocking stuffers, but that's all so far, and I like to make a serious dent in my purchasing before the end of November so that not all the expenses end up on December's door. Anders actually gave me several great ideas and that helps a lot because usually he either doesn't want anything or doesn't really know what he wants, or he just says "a red Ferrari" and leaves me in the lurch. Both kids, of course, expect iPhone 5s to show up under the tree, but I don't think they understand that if they get them, that's pretty much IT for presents.

I sent out a reminder to the club today for people to sign up for the cookie exchange. There are already 13 people signed up: that's 78 cookies, and they have until the end of this week to register. Now I have to figure out what cookies I want to make...hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Things I'm looking forward to before the end of November
More of my husband's cooking :P
Friends for dinner next weekend that we haven't seen in ages
Final decision on the Big Birthday Trip destination
Christmas cookies NOM NOM NOM
Our annual Thanksgiving Potluck Extravaganza

Lots of good stuff! What good stuff is in store for you??
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