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Things we have in the house that we can't or don't use
A whole container of 3-inch floppy disks (can't)
An entire shelf full of LP record albums (can't)
2 shelves worth of videotapes (don't)
A wall holder holding over 50 cassette tapes (need a transfomer but could)
20-ish 45 rpm records (can't)
A wall shelf holding 500+ music CDs (don't, thanks to Spotify)
3 strings of colored fat-bulb Christmas tree lights (need a transformer)
A Sony Walkman and a Sony Discman (don't)
2 digital cameras (don't, thanks to iPhones)
Wii console (don't)

A small sampling of titles from the many, many mixed tapes I have from college
Music to Give Stomachfarts By
Quiet Noises in Loud Places
Piano Fart
With Traffic Noises in the Back
Pick it Up...I'll Go Alone
In Transit
Purr-fect Mew-sic
Rake & Rail
Fine Tuning
Music That Melts in Your Mouth

Some 45 rpm records I have no idea why I own
Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol
Sussudio by Phil Collins
Straight Up by Paula Abdul (actually, I have a soft spot for this song)
Wild Thing by Tone Loc
West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys
Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer (I HATED this video...we called the song A Dickhead in Love)

2 labels on some of the floppy disks that made me laugh
Misc stuff to save 98-12-4
More fonts (this after literally 30+ disks labeled Fonts 1, Fonts 2, Fonts 3, etc. What a typeface nerd!)

I know why I keep the mixed tapes: pure nostalgia. I CAN play them, if I hook my old American stereo up to a transformer, but I never ever do. I can't even play them in the cars anymore; no tape player. I spent a lot of time a few years back transferring them to CD but guess what? Now I never listen to CDs either...I just listen to my massive playlist on Spotify.

I know why I keep the LPs as well: most of them were records I hadn't gotten around to purchasing on CD and some of them are ones that aren't available in any other format, including a record album made by my choir in high school. Probably more than half of them belong to Anders...maybe time for us to get serious and go through them and free up some more shelf space. I keep the 45s because they crack me up and they take up little space...I keep thinking they might be good for some art project some day. Who am I kidding?

The floppy disks are getting pitched, except for stack of about 13 that are labeled Pictures 1, Pictures 2, etc. I'm going to take them into work and see if our resident IT nerd has a working floppy drive and can help me see what they are pictures OF before I just toss them out. Who knows what might be on them!
mood: nostalgic
music: Savoir Adore—Dreamers


You seem to have a thing for tape titles including farts. I will take it as an indication of your eventual life in Sweden where fart has another meaning. You were ahead of your time!

My brother also called that Robert Palmer song A Dickhead in Love.

Vinyl has been making quite the comeback, at least on this side of the pond. I don't know if Record Store Day has taken off in Sweden the way it has here, and to be sure lots of old school brick and mortar record stores continue to fold, but aside from the sentimental albums you own, you should look into what any of them might be worth. Probably a lot are not worth anything but you never know.

I bought a copy of my favorite album for $3 at my local record store, even though I already have it on vinyl, two versions on CD, plus two 12" singles from that album, simply so that I could turn it into a journal. There's a woman in PA who takes old records and turns them into journals. Whatever your plan for those 45s, you should definitely do something. I have a bowl from a record that one of my sisters gave me for Christmas one year. You couldn't put much in it, but hard candy or something decorative. It's just cool.

You wandered into my territory, sorry for the long comment!

Edited at 2013-11-14 07:43 pm (UTC)

It was only TWO titles with "fart" in them, and that was only a small sampling of the many many other titles that DON'T have it!

Vinyl has made a bit of a hipster comeback here, but I still don't know anyone who actually plays the things anymore. I highly doubt any of mine are worth anything, though I DID take care of them and mine are all in plastic sleeves. I wouldn't know where to begin to look for pricing.

Those vintage vinyl journals are WAY cool. I've seen the bowls before, somewhere. :)

I have a record player that hooks up the the computer via USB. The plan is to digitize my collection, frame the best covers and sell/toss the rest. Why not stick a mixed tape in a Walkman on a rainy day for inspiration?
I can help you with the diskettes if your IT-guy doesn't collect old parts :)

Struck out on the first 2 attempts to find a floppy disk drive at work today. First guy didn't have one, second guy had one but we couldn't get it to work (don't know if it's the disks or the drive) but he thinks he has another one somewhere so try 3 will be tomorrow! If that doesn't work, I will take you up on your offer!

From Megsie

First of all can I say, "Su- Su-Sussudio..." Because that is what is going through my mind now. And Billy Idol with his haunted voice, "Eyes without a no human grace..."

Ha! I have a crate full of vinyl both 33s and 45s. I just can't part with them either. I think the floppies left a while ago, but I can't be sure. They could be lurking in some box. I had disks labeled fonts too, I loved them. Those might be the ones that are still lurking, come to think about it. I still listen to CDs in the car, but most of our CDs are downloaded onto the computers so I listen from there.

You might as well face it you're addicted to love.

Re: From Megsie

Now I'm gonna have to kill you for all those earworms! I've been singing dickhead in love all day and it's YOUR FAULT!!

Oh my, I should make a list of obsolete household items.

I bet it'll be longer than you think! :D

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