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Karin is gone overnight, playing night soccer and sleeping over at a friend's house. Anders was watching a documentary about a Dutch photographer, so Martin and I decided to watch a movie...but we couldn't decide what to watch. Everything I suggested he turned up his nose at and vice versa. Then we agreed on The Artist, but after a lengthy search, we couldn't FIND it. AUGH. Where is my copy of The Artist?? Did I loan it out to someone? No. It's gotta be here somewhere.

I tried again to get him to watch The Fall, which is one of my favorites and which I haven't seen in ages, but Martin refused on the basis of not having a crush on Lee Pace like I do. I tried to get him to watch Sherlock (the one with Benedict Cumberbatch), but he keeps saying he doesn't want to.


Then I remembered that we still hadn't seen Pan's Labyrinth, a movie I had heard fantastic things about, but also that it's pretty scary, so it's been sitting on the shelf for years, still in plastic. So that's what we decided on.

Except after 15 minutes of a promisingly fantastical start, a main character brutally smashes in the face of a young man with a broken bottle in graphic detail and Martin and I turned to each other with horrified expressions on our faces and scrambled for the remote to turn it off. EGADS.

We ended up watching High School Musical 2 just to give ourselves a total brain scrub.

Don't judge. You would have done the same thing, I swear.
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