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1. We are almost completely out of toilet paper. Someone emptied the stock without writing it on the shopping list, prompting an angry harangue from me. Everyone insisted on their innocence, so it was apparently NOTME that did it.

2. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight that we haven't seen in ages. Anders is making a feasty menu that includes pulled pork sandwiches, spare ribs, American coleslaw and twice-baked potatoes. I am adding a green salad and making dessert: white chocolate & raspberry pastries with ice cream and mini-meringues.

3. I dusted the house and now I can't stop sneezing.

4. Anders agreed to a dog-sitting stint that was much longer than normal and we get to have Mental for 3 weeks! It's been ages since we had a dog over to stay and we are all looking forward to it.

5. This morning, Martin was playing the daily 7 Little Words which I had already finished earlier, so I was sitting next to him kibbitzing helping with clues. The clue was an 8-letter word for "growing older". "Aging" didn't work because those letters weren't available. I asked him, "What are you doing when you are growing older?" and he answered, "wrinkling".

6. The son of the friends who are coming to dinner, who is right between Martin and Karin in age, can't come tonight, so Karin asked if she could invite a friend. A BOY friend, though allegedly not a boyfriend. EEK.

7. Martin told me recently that he was rather amazed and disturbed by my ability to find new music before it becomes trendy. "What are you talking about?" I asked him. And he said, "Well, you were listening to Adele, and Gotye and that silly What Does the Fox Say song before anyone else."

8. We invited all our regulars for Thanksgiving this year and they all confirmed they are coming. Now, Anders is worried about how he's going to make mashed potatoes for TWENTY-EIGHT people.

9. There are 16 people signed up for the cookie exchange, 7 nuts and 9 no-nuts. So I have to bake 48 cookies. That's totally doable. I considered combining the groups since we've had 16 total in the past, but that would mean making NINETY cookies. Frankly, I don't need that many more cookies in the house when we will be baking a bazillion of our own as well.

10. I thought 16 things would be easy when I started this post, but I find myself struggling right now.

11. It will be at least 3 more weeks before we can move into the new space at turns out if we want 3 people in the room, they have to put in another ventilation pipe, and the cost has be approved and then it will take about 3 weeks to do the work, plus about that long to order the new desks we need (since ours are too big).

12. I'm reading a trilogy of apocalyptic/disaster/end-of-civilization books and while they're pretty good, they are VERY disturbing because the whole way through, I keep thinking what would I do? how would I manage? Conclusion: I'd be dead pretty quickly.

13. Karin just came into the room with a schematic drawing plan of the backyard WITH a pool and a cabana. *sigh*

14. I would really like a soda right now. Just a small glass of pop with ice. It's been 23 weeks since I stopped drinking soda, though I've had 3, plus a couple of sips here and there. I'm amazed at my self control. As of tomorrow, no more chips (and popcorn only in moderation).

15. Notice I didn't say no more cookies. There isn't that much self-control on the PLANET.

16. Yesterday, I changed the desktop background on our computer to a slideshow of images I have saved from various places in a folder called "Art". Martin and I stared at it, hypnotized, and every time a nude came up, Martin said, "MOTHER!". And I have no idea how that photo of Zac Efron with his shirt half off and his six-pack stomach showing got in there.

The End.
mood: busy
music: REM—It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


Aren't lists great? I'm a firm believer.

When you find NOTME, send him over. I have a few ancient bones to pick.

DId you see the SNL spoof on "What Does The Fox Say?"

I am impressed with your dietary discipline Liz.

I haven't seen the spoof, will hunt it down!

It was Kerry Washington, if that helps.

Found it! Hilarious!

From Megsie

Zac Efron? Hmmmm. Interesting.

Also? 23 WEEKS??!! (WOOT!) and now NO CHIPS? I would starve.

I want a pool and a cabana.

That IS quite a lot of mashed potatoes. But, YUM.

A friend that is a BOY? Oh, my. NOT READY.

You need the TP before the guests come. Also? Can I come? Dinner sounds delicious.

One final note: Love this list! Especially number 10!

Re: From Megsie

Yeah, Zac...those big blue eyes just slay me, though he's a bit too baby-faced otherwise. I'm more into Lee Pace types normally. Just the one photo though...yow. haha!

I got the TP before the guests came! And dinner was FABULOUS! Plus plenty of leftovers for tomorrow! Bonus!


Lots of good things on this list- I love #7, #5 and #14 - I'm also trying to never have chips- can mostly do, but it's similar to your desire for coke!
Love, Lizardmom

Chips will be hard. I think candy will be easier actually.


What trilogy? Inquiring minds want to know! I always tell Beaux, when the zombie apocalypse comes, just shoot me and don't make me suffer. I have no desire to battle zombies for my survival!

So great on the sodas! I very rarely have one at this point - it instantly sets off an awful acid reaction that I do not need. But coffee and I are still friends.

I want to come to your house and let you feed me! Sounds like a feats...

:) samiam

Hi Samiam! The trilogy is Susan Beth Pfeffer's The Last Survivors. There are 3 books with a 4th either on the way or out by now...I just finished #3 and not at all sure I want to read #4.

You mean you want to come to my house and let ANDERS feed you! From me, you get tuna sandwiches. Or dessert. :D


love this list. love, love, love it. so random and quirky and real and perfect.

glad to see that all is well in your world.

jeanine xo

Ditto, my friend. Loving your participation in NaNoBloPo, too! :)

That NOTME! He was here last week and left the chocolate milk powder on the counter, so that Mental could help himself.

Tell me Anders uses an electric beater for the potatoes. If not tell him he should. The trick is to beat the lumps out of them before you add the milk and beat as little as possible after. For Thanksgiving you might also want to keep in mind that Mental becomes truly mental around turkey. Bell peppers and Lussekatter can also bring out the thief in him.</p>

Now I feel guilty about my soda habits. You eat those cookies, sister!

Love #13! ;-D

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