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Things I've Run Out of: ideas, Internet, motivation

Sweet Things I've Eaten Lately: mini-caramel cupcakes, raspberry & white chocolate pastries, Swedish cinnamon buns

What I Do When I Run Out of Ideas, Internet & Motivation: use bulletpoints, make lists, drop F-bombs

Things Talked About at Work Presentation Today That Went Completely Over My Head: pension plans, funds, insurance choices

Bad Things That Have Happened to Someone I Love Lately: car accidents, near-miss tornado, power outage (the SAME someone)

Colors I Wear A Lot More Than I Used to: turquoise, brown, orange (well, only one shirt but I like it a lot and I get compliments every time)

Colors I've Been Told I Can't Wear: beige, yellow, orange

Things I Want to Add to My Christmas Wish List: silver merlion charm (for Singapore), lined raincoat, brown pants

Re-Runs That I End Up Sitting Down to Watch Even Though I Have No Intention To: The Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I Met Your Mother

Things That Signify It's Really Winter: winter tires, car heater, not wanting to get out of bed because it's so dark

Opponents I Run Away From in Sword of Fargoal: warlords, dark warriors, assassins

Things I've Thought About Giving Up But Haven't (Yet): cookies, candy, second helpings

Things I've Thought About Allocating Time For But Haven't (Yet): an hour for art a week, an hour for walking a week, Weightwatchers

Philosophies I Subscribe To: Everything in moderation including moderation. Everyone is someone else's weirdo. Singing and laughter are the best gifts you can give yourself and others.

Plans for the Coming Weekend: bake cookies for the cookie exchange, go see Catching Fire with the kids, Karin's friend Henrik (they are sitting further away in the same row so as not to be too close to MOM), and my friend Camilla, finalize the AWC site for the meeting on Monday

Questions For You: Am I boring you to tears? Really? Are you sure?

*I typed tings first for every one of those.
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music: growly monsters

From Megsie


I love your tings. :)

You make me laugh out loud...a lot. Cookies! I want one right now. I am still at work, and contemplating correcting tests that should have been graded last week. Now, THAT is boring.


Re: From Megsie

Cookies never get boring, thank goodness! :D

I have to admit I'm pretty convinced I HAVE to try making the reindeer bark cookies. Is that what they are called?? I like the sound of them.

I think you're mixing up two of my cookie names. We make reindeer poop (a caramel-candy filled chocolate cookies) and cranberry pistachio bark (white chocolate brittle with dried cranberries and shelled unsalted pistachios).


Tings, tings, tings! And cookies. I love it when you post about cookies. :-)

That was barely about cookies! COOKIES! NOM NOM NOM!

Not bored at all! Besides, I've been waiting to see how you would handle keeping things (and tings, even) updated once your internet speed got throttled by your provider.

Throttled it is, though it took a bit longer than usual this month, thankfully. Luckily I can write the post off-line and then wait for it to post which takes longer, but I can't troll for inspiration online as easily!


I love being loved. But I do wish I was not "the same someone"! Well, at least not the one who has had all that. You do make lovely lists, and lots of lists,and long and short lists, (within the same list). Miss you and thanks for the call to check on us. I will try to call you one afternoon this week.....which eve is best?
Love your, that would give it,from me, your loved one!

I wish you weren't the same someone, too, but honestly, if things didn't happen to you, you wouldn't BE YOU! :D XOXOXOX

On Saturday Camille was watching BBT reruns and it caught and grabbed me as I walked through the living room. I was supposed to be folding laundry but I watched three episodes instead. I love that show! So funny!


i'm feeling totally spoiled, with you and bluepoppy posting EVERY DAY! woot!!


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