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Martin and I picked up Mental the dog after school/work and he was happy to see us...though maybe he's happy to see everyone. Dogs remember people, though, so even though it's been awhile, we're pretty sure he remembers us. :) We waved goodbye to 1222 and drove home.

We really like Mental. He's obedient and sweet and bouncy and he doesn't yank your arm out of its socket when you are walking. Martin and I took him for a walk after we ate; about 40 minutes in the wet dark evening, just to reacquaint him with the neighborhood.

It felt like I ws reacquainting myself with the neighborhood, too. I haven't been walking in ages and while I have some excuses, none of them are very good. And I think it's actually been well over a year since we have had a dog stay with us. Dogsitting is always a great incentive for walking, and we get to have Mental for 3 whole weeks!

Just what I needed, some four-legged motivation to get me going!

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