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Martin and I picked up Mental the dog after school/work and he was happy to see us...though maybe he's happy to see everyone. Dogs remember people, though, so even though it's been awhile, we're pretty sure he remembers us. :) We waved goodbye to 1222 and drove home.

We really like Mental. He's obedient and sweet and bouncy and he doesn't yank your arm out of its socket when you are walking. Martin and I took him for a walk after we ate; about 40 minutes in the wet dark evening, just to reacquaint him with the neighborhood.

It felt like I ws reacquainting myself with the neighborhood, too. I haven't been walking in ages and while I have some excuses, none of them are very good. And I think it's actually been well over a year since we have had a dog stay with us. Dogsitting is always a great incentive for walking, and we get to have Mental for 3 whole weeks!

Just what I needed, some four-legged motivation to get me going!

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Huh, with a name like Mental, I expected the dog to be a total nutso crazy dog. Does Mental mean something in Swedish?

Well, we didn't know if he would turn out sentimental or detrimental or supplemental, but as a young dog he was plain mental, in a sweet,can't-find-my-tail sort of way. Turns out: Flat-coated retrievers don't grow up, so he's still pretty dopey, but he means well.

Now he REALLY can't find his tail! I had no idea he's lost so much of it!

From Megsie

Yay for dog-sitting! I don't really know what I would do without a dog. Even if I am ignoring him, I still know he is case I need a smooch or a snuggle.

I haven't walked either.

I have nothing to say about that.

HEY! Is Mental Kate's DOG? Is 1222 KATE? She hasn't blogged forever, and I was thinking maybe she just ditched her old blog for and LJ???

Re: From Megsie

Mental is a livejournal friend's dog. Cate has London. My friend Angie has Chelsea, and our friends Lene & Mikael have Eddie...all of whom we have dog-sat at some point. :)

I'm glad he is behaving himself! I forgot to tell you that if you squeeze the center of that tag thingy on his leash, it flashes (or glows, if you prefer) in blue. You have your own police dog!

Anders figured that one out, but I'm having a hard time with figuring out how to put the harness on every time! And Mental doesn't help...he obviously doesn't WANT the harness on so he hinders any attempts to get it over his head! :D

Oops! Don't bother with the harness, that was just for the car!

Couldn't find a collar, so we have to use the harness. Unless it's hidden somewhere in the bag?

Yes, dogs are great incentive to get out and walk, aren't they?

They sure are! Now if only it would stop pissing down rain!


My pups are definitely an incentive to walk every day - they pester me until we do! Enjoy Mental!


We are! :)


I guess I need a dog for the same reason..walk! Love, Lizardmom

I think you need a dog for more reasons than that, mom! :)

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