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Gray is dryer lint, the soft wings of doves, dust bunnies huddled under the bed. Gray is dirty sheets, thunderclouds, tarnished silverware. Gray is granite, statues, concrete. Gray is fading, hard to see, foggy hillsides. Gray is far from blue.

20 Christmas cards are addressed so far and the Christmas newsletter is written. Whew! Progress is being made. A dent in. A bite out of.

I just want to note publicly that I married Superman. He's mine, and you can't have him. Since we got the keys to the new house last July, even before it was finished, this is what Anders has done in 182 square meters of house, 900+ square meters of yard and a garage: spackled and sanded EVERY SINGLE nail hole and seam in every wall and ceiling, painted the ceilings, put up wood trim around the entire house in every room and baseboards too, hung doors, wallpapered every room, tiled the entryway, hallway, kitchen, laundry room and little bathroom, built an entire garage from scratch (with the help of some friends), put up lightswitches, contact covers and lights, hung paintings and pictures, put up shelves, dug ditches, weeded, built a divider wall, paved the driveway, pathways and all the way around the entire house, built a deck, sown grass, held down a full-time job, fixed a motorcycle, changed tires on 2 cars, been a scout leader for 3 seasons, cooked 6 turkeys and numerous other yummy feasts, moved furniture, gotten kids dressed nearly every morning, picked up kids from school nearly every weekday, and that's just the short list.


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