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Watching Cake Boss...while doing laundry...and petting the dog...and we have no Internet so I don't know if this will post. Phoning it in tonight... :(

mood: aggravated
music: none, just me


It did post. It was an ambitious plan, given how slow your internet speed gets at the end of the month, so I think we will give you a pass for the occasional phoned in entry. ;-)

yay for modern technology!

From Megsie

Oh, no! Well, I for one think this was an AWESOME month! I will miss you, and I hope you will phone it in again! E.T. PHONE HOME! Ha!

Re: From Megsie

It was a lame post...tonight's will be a little better, at least :)

Bummer! I have been enjoying knowing I would find you here every day.

YOu will! I'm not giving up. I was just being a total slug yesterday.

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