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Our Internet was totally spotty yesterday and kept cutting out completely, so with the slowdown, I just couldn't get up the ork to sit down and write a post. Plus, CAKE BOSS. Martin warned me loudly and vociferously about the slippery slope dangers of The Learning Channel, which I had never previously watched anything on, and didn't even know we had. "It's the channel with HONEY BOO BOO, Mom!" he exclaimed, in utter disgust at my naivete. "Ohhhh," was my response, "but but but CAKE BOSS." haha! I don't really care about Cake Boss. I was just filling time waiting for The Big Bang Theory to start because I was between books and not really wanting to do anything else and it gave me an excuse to avoid making dinner. Plus I had no idea TLC was such a trainwreck station...I thought the name was literal. I guess it is, depending on what you want to learn! Heh.

Now I'm sitting here wondering just HOW he knows that TLC is the channel with Honey Boo Boo. Hmmmmmmmmmm

This morning, in the car on the way to school, Martin got a text from a friend of his (who happens to be half-English) who was in a panic about an impending English test. "HELP ME," she wrote, and then:

Teach me
Everything i need
to know in English!!
Ive np* test its like
ninth grade all over
again :'( dome to fail

Martin wrote back correcting all her spelling and added, "Dome to fail? Yes, yes you are." and then we giggled madly for 15 minutes straight in the car until I dropped him off.

Karin was home sick today for the second day in a row (cold, sore throat). This is the seventh time she's been sick with a sore throat since the start of this year. We are keeping track in order to have ammunition for going back to the doctor with proof that she's getting sore throats way too often. I'm kind of angry that she has to be sick this much in order to prove that she's sick this much. I don't know exactly what they can do for chronic sore throats, but I suspect taking out her tonsils might be a start, DOCTOR.

I just sent out the email to everyone that is invited to Thanksgiving with the logistics, menu assignments and date confirmation. If everyone comes, we'll have 28 people, plus at least one dog with the possibility for THREE more. Eek! I need to remind Anders to book the rental of the table and chairs and I need to go buy stuffing!! My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Mmmm STUFFING!

I've been nagging Karin about her clothes storage system for awhile now, because it makes me crazy. When I tell her to pick up her room or put clothes away, she just stuffs everything into drawers and onto shelves and everything she owns is a wrinkled mess. She can't even shut most of the drawers of her dresser. I'm on the verge of just emptying them into a garbage bag, but my mom did that once to my brother (with toys, not clothes) and warned me it was a bad idea. Still...TEMPTED. Nagging isn't helping, and I really want her to do it because if I cave in and do it for her like I've done in the past, she will never learn and it will just be a big giant mess again a week later. Where's Mrs Piggle-Wiggle when I need her?

*Nationella prov (national test)
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i have basically the same system as karin. :)
maybe she doesn't mind her stuff being wrinkled? or maybe she will eventually find out herself how to unwrinkle it? what are you doing in her dresser anyway? :)

I can't miss it, when I come in to the room...I'm not in the dresser, it's OUT IN THE WAY FOR EVERYONE. :D

I have not bothered to fold Ingrid's laundry the last couple of times and told her she needs to do it herself. Still hasn't happened. She just pulls stuff out of the laundry bag and wears it wrinkled. It gets to be a problem when we can't tell the clean laundry bag from the dirty laundry bag.

Sorry to hear about Karin's sore throats, I'll be curious how that turns out.

Edited at 2013-11-21 06:38 pm (UTC)

haha! That would never fly here either. Karin and Ingrid should get together and go bowling! :D

we can't tell the clean laundry bag from the dirty laundry bag

no obvious spots, doesn't smell bad? = clean! it isn't harder than that. :)


Rachel sounds like the above Ingrid and Bryce is just like Karin. So I highly suggest you don't visit here. Wait.....I do suggest you visit here! Just don't go in the kids rooms.

As to the sore throats...:( hope she is all better soon. Getting Bryce's tonsils out was the best thing! Good luck. Took me two states and 4 doctors to find one willing to take them out.

Love your Seester!

2 states and 4 doctors?! Geez.

I say my kids' dressers have "barfing drawers" due to all the clothes spilling out from them.

Still! They ask for even more clothes for Christmas!

That's EXACTLY the case here!

From Megsie

I go in spurts. Sometimes I am great at putting close away, others MY basket sits waiting for me. My girls are pretty good, but Nicholas makes up for their cleanliness. Man. His room is BAD.

I still am in denial that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. That CAN'T BE. It just can't. But on the plus side? STUFFING! YUM.

Re: From Megsie

I put ALL my stuff away but I stopped putting everyone else's away years ago. I do all the laundry, the least they can do is put their clothes away neatly...and that's part of what makes me crazy. What's the point in my cleaning and folding them if they end up stuffed all higgledy-piggledy in a drawer?

Bought THREE turkeys today! Still need to get stuffing but I have to go to Malmö for that.

unsolicited advice

If clothes storage is the only thing your child does that makes you crazy, Liz, you've got it lucky. Just don't go in her room when you are in fear of being crazy. It might just break down to personal style of coping with clothes storage and priorities for Karin at the moment.

If you can walk through the room without danger of tripping and everything is in drawers or on shelves, well... the wrinkle problem seems to be hers at her age.
Certainly not ideal, perhaps embarrassing, maybe crazy making, but definitely her problem... and please don't do it for her!!
I'm pretty sure by now she has "learned," it just doesn't matter to her.

If it does matter to her, then you doing it for her is definitely not good a this stage. Don't cave. Don't go in her room without first taking a deep breath and being determined to ignore the clothes storage (as long as they are stored) and staying on task of what ever brought you into her room.
It is up to her, not you at this point.

On the other hand. If it is that important to you. Explain that you think it may not be important to her, but it is to you. Calmly remind that you have parental role power and want her to pay attention to her clothes storage.
And then lay out a completely unrelated consequence.

'Karin, if you do not fold all of the clothes in your drawers by next Saturday, you will not (fill in the blank.) And stick to it. You may have to be BAD Ass Mom for a week or so, with lots of other love bug things still in the mix, but firm on this point and the consequences.

Yes, threatening and taking away privileges, as much as I hated that as a kid and continue to strongly dislike it as a Grandmother, seems to be the one thing to actually get the child's attention and focus when it is a situation of priority to the parent and no priority to the child.

Ok Liz, throw away the advice if not appropriate. I won't be offended. I hope you weren't offended by me giving it.

This parenting thing can be a bitch!

Re: unsolicited advice

Excellent advice, thank you. Most of it I am already doing, but it's good to hear that I'm on the right track :)

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