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Next time I agree to dog-sit I need to remember to order better weather. It has been raining most every time we have gone out with him, which isn't very fun and makes it hard to want to walk for very long. And the pissy kind of rain too which means that when we come back in the house, we have TWO dogs, because I have a POODLE ON MY HEAD.


It's gotten a lot colder in the last 2 days as well...winter is coming. No snow yet, but the air feels anticipatory. Our breath steams and when I come inside, my glasses fog up and leave me blind for 5 minutes. Good thing I'm so used to walking around in the dark. :)

I'm not ready for snow, for boots, for scarves and mittens. I'm not ready for slippery roads and shoveling. I'm not ready for holidays either and they're coming fast. EEK!

I'm so glad it's the weekend, even if it's a busy one. I bought 3 turkeys today and the stuff to make cookies and then realized that I forgot to buy some kind of containers to put the cookies IN so I'll have to go back to the store. And I need to check if my chocolate chips are still good, otherwise I have to go buy chocolate bars and get chopping. I'm making a recipe my sister found and sent me: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites. They're egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate on a stick. How yummy does that sound?

Tomorrow we're going to see Catching Fire, at least I am, with Martin and my friend Camilla. Karin is going too, with her friend Henrik, but they are sitting further away from us. Camilla says it's so we won't see them holding hands. :O They won't even go eat dinner with us beforehand, they're going somewhere by themselves. Am not ready for this either. Snow, I can handle.

Last night, Anders made the most delicious soup: curried chicken in a tomato-cream base with APPLES. We put cheese on top. It was YUMMY. Tonight he's making Taco Paj. The whole house smells delicious! And we have Monsters University to watch for myskväll, which none of us have seen. Hurrah for the weekend!
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Given those two options, even I might be more ready for snow than for teenage daughter dates.

Those cookies sound great! If they turn out as good as they sound, you'll have to share the recipe.

I sure hope they turn out good, because they sound DELICIOUS! I will share for sure, if they do!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

i read that as choco chip cookie dog bites. :)

haha! those sound kinda good too! :D

From Megsie

Oh, those cookies sound heavenly. YUM! I am not ready for that dating stuff at all. Holy cow. My friend at work wants to go to Catching Fire, but I have so much to do this weekend, I am afraid I won't be able to find time. I LOVED Monster's U. So. Fun. Happy Weekend!

Re: From Megsie

And she's only 14. She swears they are not girlfriend & boyfriend, but as far as I can tell: same difference! EEK EEK DOUBLE EEK


I'm not ready for winter either- although made some headway by putting up the driveway markers for the plow guy. The soup sounds delicious and I've had one very similar -Yum! Love, Lizardmom

Maybe we can get him to do a repeat when you're here!


I am not ready for winter either! I claim full credit if cookies are good but of course its all on you if they do not turn out! Lol I will take your poodle any day my hair is getting straighter and straighter... :( Rachel and Tom like the sound of the soup. love your Seester

I'll ask him for the recipe, if you want :)

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