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Went to gather the cookie-making stuff and discovered that I have:

1 bag of peanut butter chips
1 bag of cinnamon chips
1 bag of raspberry chips
1/4 bag of white chocolate chips
2 bags of butterscotch chips
1/2 bag of chocolate chips

I need at least THREE bags of chocolate chips and since I can't get to a store that has them until Monday evening and the cookies have to be MADE TOMRROW, I will have to go buy baking chocolate and chop it up. Drrrr.

However, in the midst of hunting for the chocolate chips I discovered that I have FIVE boxes of stuffing so I don't need to worry about that! Everyone is confirmed for Thanksgiving and we are definitely 28 people unless someone get sick at the last minute. Everyone has said okay to what they were assigned or offered to bring, so I think we are covered. The only thing I have to get is potatoes for mashin' and I'll wait until later this week for that. At 3-4 potatoes per person times 28 people, that is a HELLA lot of potatoes.

The dog is bored. He keeps sighing as he lays down next to me. Then he gets up and goes and brings me a stuffed animal, but we don't throw things inside the house, so he's out of luck. I've been out in the back throwing a mini football for him for 2 half-hour stints, which you would think would wear him out, but no. Taking him for a big long walk in about 20 minutes, since Martin and I will be gone all evening.

I had just realized that if I didn't post now, I wouldn't have gotten a post in today, so I'm glad I remembered! I would hate to break my perfect record so far this November, even if some of my posts have been totally lame.

To Do List
  • Grocery shopping (again)
  • Make and package cookies
  • Water plants
  • Walk dog (multiple)
  • Vacuum
  • Iron blouses
  • Layout gift tickets for friend
  • Get Advent lights down from the attic and put them up
  • Clean fish tank
  • Start online Christmas shopping
  • Buy birthday presents for Martin
  • Pay mortgage & allowances
  • Put up new toilet paper roll holder in moose bathroom
  • Call women's clinic and ask why I still don't have an appointment for you-know-what
  • Wrap and mail gifts to Germany
  • Start Christmas cards
  • Start Christmas letter
  • Finalize AWC activities pages
  • Clean house thoroughly
  • Call new AWC registration
  • Rent tables/chairs for next weekend
Including this one, since there is pretty much nothing lamer than posting my to-do list.
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music: growly monsters


But you got one in! Lame or not... congrats Liz.

Ha! It's getting harder to remember! Much less come up with stuff to write about :)

You have a store that sells baking chocolate but not chocolate chips? Are chocolate chips not a common baking item in Sweden? (What an alien thought...)

Chocolate chips are rare here, unless they're imported, but I actually found some! They're dark chocolate though...and a brand I don't recognize, but whatever, I don't have to chop!


Totally lame. Could barely read it.
Glad you're writing more often.

Chuck S

I bet it made you roll your eyes more than once! :D

From Megsie

Braggy Braggerson over in Sweden with her *perfect* record...HA!

I am very much less than perfect, and yet still LAME. You, however, are never lame. I love your to do list! It looks a little like mine minus the fish and the dog walking (Franklin is to scared of people to go on walks...he is weird.) And, of course, I don't iron. Ever. Unless there is an EVENT, and if I can drive my wrinkled clothes to my mother, I do that. I had to iron for the last choir concert (last weekend?) and I have yet to recover.

How big are your potatoes where you need 3-4 per person?! Goodness. I am picturing a TRUCK full of them!

Oh, AND? I laughed out loud about your abundance of chips...but the scarcity of the chocolate. HA HA HA!!

Re: From Megsie

That's SUPER Braggy Braggerson to you! hahaa!!

I am SO lame. Or wait, that should read: I am, so, lame!

Franklin doesn't go on walks? Just in the yard? Poor little poo!

The best potatoes here are pretty small, and people LOVE Anders' mashed potatoes, so we make a monster bowl of them. :)

I laughed pretty hard at myself about the chips. I think I didn't buy them last time I was in the States because I was SURE I had chocolate ones. Drrrr

Re: From Megsie

Now I bet I'm supposed to find room in my suitcase for some?! Love, Lizardmom

Re: From Megsie

Nah, that's okay. I can use the ones I found :)

I hate when I am sure I have the ingredients I need and then discover the bag I thought was full was nearly empty or the wrong thing. Glad you found a suitable substitute, chopping up chocolate is messy and imperfect.

No kidding! It gets everywhere!

Advent begins next Sunday

1 one more thing to cross off your list. :-D

Re: Advent begins next Sunday

Yes, I know, but that list isn't just for this weekend and we have to get them down now, if we're going to get them up in time.

I can't believe Mental is psyching you so much! We barely ever play fetch with him, so he's being spoiled. The sighing is probably just him relaxing. Don't worry about it!

He's thrilled every time we pick up something to throw for him! :)

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