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The past few days and nights have been below freezing, but that clear chill kind of cold that is perfect winter crystals and blue skies and dragon-breath. It's been perfectly clear, no clouds at all, even at night and the night sky is as black as pitch. The stars sparkle against it like they're diamonds lying on velvet. Orion is slumped so far to the left that he's practically somnolent.

When I take the dog out for one last round-the-block walk, the grass crunches under our feet and the street sparkles in the light from the street lamps. We can hear a baby crying from one house, and a dog (obviously small) barking from another. It's quiet otherwise...just our footsteps and me admonishing Mental to stop pulling. He has a blinky blue light on his leash and he charges straight out the door, around the front of the house to the garden bed under the kitchen window where he lifts his leg on the ceramic cat that guards the hostas.

Can you believe it is November 26th already? Where has this month gone? Where has this YEAR gone?? Two days until Thanksgiving and 4 days until our Thanksgiving bash and NEW INTERNET! Is it wrong that I am almost as excited about the Internet as I am about stuffing?

Some people say this time of year is all about giving thanks, others that it's all about giving gifts (or getting them) and still others that it's about surviving winter. I think it's about anticipation. There is so much to look forward to; not just the holidays, but all the things that go with them: julbords, Christmas markets, cookies, good company, people visiting, get-togethers, Christmas carols, cards and shopping and smiling faces, stress (can't forget that), advent lights in windows, snow, time off, the start of a new year.

I'm looking forward to wreathmaking on Thursday, an AWC activity that we've been doing for years. I think we figured out last year that it had been 12 years so this year makes 13. I'm looking forward to my brother's new baby that's coming as an early Christmas present for him and Simone and Sammy. I'm looking forward to Martin's 16th birthday (16!) and my mom's arrival. I'm looking forward to seeing my Christmas house and tree decorations that have been boxed in the attic for 2 years!

People I am extra happy for right now: Elizabeth (along with Daisy & Ollie) and Samiam with a NEW BABY! Whee!!!
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I ordered a wreath from my nephew, who was selling them as a fundraiser for scouts; I expect he will have it ready for us to pick up when we're at my mom's on Thanksgiving. Already looking forward to the house smelling all piney!

They put up a tree in the lobby of our building today: it smelled SO GOOD!

New internet? Did the price come down or your contract ended and you can switch or something? You sure did tough it out.

No, we get a fresh batch of bandwidth at the beginning of each month :)

From Megsie

You totally nailed it: anticipation! Yes! That's it!

I have too much to worry about before I am allowed to anticipate, so I am anticipating GETTING EVERYTHING DONE! And then? Woot!

I am extra happy for those peoples (fur people included) too!

Oh, Liz, your words make me so happy!

Re: From Megsie

Getting EVERYTHING done??? Is that even POSSIBLE!!? :D

Thanks Liz, for reminding me to keep anticipation high in the mix!

I needed the reminder myself!

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