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Elizabeth put up a beautiful post on the Squam blog about 100 things she's thankful for and Megsie followed suit with a fantastic list of her own. I could pretty much just swipe everything from both their lists, but in the interest of actually WRITING my own list and not just copycatting others, even if things they are thankful for are also things I'M thankful for, here are 100 things I'm thankful for right now, in no particular order, on this eve of Thanksgiving 2013.

alone time :: internet access :: clean water :: a veritable plethora of books to read :: butt-warmer car seats :: electricity :: strong fingernails :: cavity-free dentist visits :: touch-typing class in 8th grade :: Anders :: Martin :: Karin :: my first family :: long-distance calls :: wish lists :: hair color :: laughter :: Spotify :: ibuprofin :: language :: Adobe CS :: the ability to multi-task :: 6 weeks of vacation :: my monthly paycheck :: poets and poetry :: social media :: bookgroup :: Debbie :: Camilla :: Becky :: Barky's volume :: willpower :: COOKIES :: a sense of humor :: sushi nights :: lilacs :: dandelions :: friendly neighborhood cats :: sunshine :: storks :: living in Europe :: my bed :: people who get my jokes :: snapdragons :: peonies :: ladybugs :: red seedless grapes :: avocados :: inventors :: zippers :: my massage seat :: my husband's cooking :: tape :: oxygen :: the Swedish healthcare system :: my in-laws :: people committed to making the world a better place :: flush toilets :: curious horses in the pasture behind our house :: spring leaves :: progressive glasses :: refrigerators :: Intelligent Life magazine :: Michaelangelo :: Annie Dillard :: bacon :: all my amazing blogging friends :: Yuna :: Vienna Teng :: trees, all kinds :: blue skies :: cloudy awful rainy days because they make me appreciate the blue skies even more :: myskväll :: alphabets :: airplanes :: tumble dryers and washing machines :: fluffy over-sized bath towels :: soap :: thought-provoking writing :: challenges :: motivation :: inspiration :: knife sharpeners :: routines :: Reese's peanut butter cups :: moose :: art of all kinds :: Q-tips :: hot poundy showers :: movies with unpredictable endings :: prolific authors that I love :: blended creme frappacinos :: my history :: my education :: my memories :: all the people that enrich my life :: witty repartée :: spontaneity :: maps :: IT support

Tip of the iceberg, indeed. I could go on all night. Got a list? Do tell.
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