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I just got home from a very long day of work and then shopping and then wreathmaking workshop. I made one big beautiful wreath and bought another one and a whole box full of poinsettias, big ones and little ones to decorate the house with.

My wreath has holly and holly berries and pine cones and GOLD spraypaint and did I mention it's beautiful?? But I don't have any photos (yet) because my phone died and my car charger broke, to boot.

I hung my wreath on the front door and now it is officially the start of the holiday season.

Tomorrow is cleaning and groceries and putting up lights and getting things ready.

I'm off to call my mom and talk to all my relatives wish them Happy Thanksgiving and wish I was there or they were here.

And I wish you the very same.
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Happy Turkey Day to you too Liz:) Your wreath sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see a pic some time.

Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see pictures of your wreath!

From Megsie

It has been a day for cooking and feasting, and now I am tripping out on tryptophan. The kitchen is mostly clean--except for the roaster that is soaking. The kids are reading/watching despicable me (for the 100th time). It is nice to sit down and let myself sink into my chair. I will be thinking of you preparing for your own feast, and let me add my name to the list of people who want to SEE that WREATH! It sounds wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving Liz! So, SO thankful for YOU!! xo

It's now officially the Christmas season here as well -- my nephew delivered our wreath at Mom's last night, and we just hung it out on the balcony, so things are looking festive. :-)

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