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It's the last day of November! It's Ek Family Thanksgiving Day! It's Saturday! I have posted every day for 30 days and I have to say I'm pretty proud of sticking to it, when I was so doubtful at the beginning.

It's hot in the house because the oven has been going since around 10 a.m. this morning. Two turkeys are done and resting on the countertop (under guard) and Anders is peeling potatoes. I have asked twice if he wants help but he keeps refusing me. I bought 9 kilos of potatoes. That's something like 100 potatoes. We have had one person call to let us know there could be a problem and she might not make it tonight as her dad went into the hospital this morning. She's awaiting reports from the nursing staff before she can make a decision. Everything else is on track and the only chore not yet done is vacuuming the kids' rooms and the playroom and I'm about to yell at them again. It's only 2 pm and people aren't arriving until 5 and we won't eat until 6, so we have lots of time to just relax and do anything that we suddenly remember needs to be done. I might even get around to cleaning the fish tank... naaaah.

We are enjoying having Mental despite an episode earlier this week. He's a pleasure to walk and have around, even though he, like all the other dogs we've had, insists on fetching stuffed animals one by one from the basket in the hopes that we'll throw them for him to chase. And I do wish he'd wait until my alarm actually goes off, since letting him out to pee at 4 or 5 or 6 am when it's FREEZING out is not my idea of a good time, but hey! That's what you get with a dog, right? The fun of responsibility plus unconditional love. :)

The episode I referred to above is one that has embarrassed poor 1222, but I hope she understands that it wasn't really his fault and we aren't mad at him OR her, and it's actually pretty amazing what one dog can do... on Monday when the furnace guys were here, Anders stayed home. Sometime mid-morning they had to turn off the water and the electricity and so, because Anders couldn't work and needed to get a couple of things done, he decided it was best to go into the office for a couple of hours...but he was worried about leaving the dog in the house with all these strange men, so he put the dog in the bathroom.

However, Mental was not at all okay with that, and he tried to get out. He knew there were people in the house and I'm sure he couldn't understand why he was in the bathroom, so he started scratching at the door, and managed to get the air vent grate off and then, well, he just kept going. When Anders came home his head was all the way out, and when I came home, the kids gleefully told me that "Mental ATE THE DOOR, Mom!"

Oy! Yes, yes he did! Now we call him Chompers.

Karin being Mental (hee!)
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From Megsie

First of all, I need to bow down to the Master. *bows* Kudos for posting EVERY DING DANG DAY this month, unlike this slacker here. Impressive, and something to be proud of!

Second of all, that WREATH! It is so gorgeous! Festive and beautiful. And, um. Christmassy. There, I said it!

I only peeled 12 potatoes and I would have totally let you help. Anders is CRAZY TOWN for wanting to do that himself. But YUM, potatoes!

I totally snitched from the resting turkey, FYI.

Poor 1222. I know that when Franklin stays at other's houses I worry that he is getting into trouble. But, that is hilarious that you call him Chompers now. Lesson Learned: No putting Mental in the Bathroom or he goes...wait for it...MENTAL! Ha!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast. I hope that your friend's dad is okay and she can join you.

Sending you BIG Thanksgiving LOve!!

Re: From Megsie

We have SO MANY MASHED POTATOES leftover!! Crazy. I think I need to keep better track of what we expect, what we serve and what actually gets eaten...we make WAY too much food. Though never enough stuffing! NEVER!

That is an impressive amount of missing door! Poor Mental! (Poor door!)

The wreath is lovely. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving today! :-)

Granted, the door IS hollow, but still...he did a piece of work on it!

Well, if he is named Mental for a reason ;) But I must say he is sly as well. Walks at four, five, or six in the morning? Not at our house! If he has been out at 10 PM or later, he can wait until eight or even nine in the morning. Remember it these four words: GÅ OCH LÄGG DIG!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and do use those four words tonight as well, if need be!

hahaha! I was pretty sure he's been having me on, but if I have to get up and pee, then I always feel pretty bad that I don't let him out to pee, too!

I recognize that feeling haha, whenever I get up to pee at night (=early in the morning) the kitties get all enthusiastic and happy to see me and will await patiently near their food bowls in hopes I'll put something in there. I can never just go back to bed without giving them some kibble or such hehe. The hubs tells me I'm spoiling them and teaching them wrong, cause now sometimes when I don't have to get up they'll come upstairs to wake us up for morning kibble ;) But I can't help it!

ha ha, i'll huff and puff and eat your house down! :)

Indeed! :D Ha!

The wreath looks great! And I guess Mental earned his name. ;-)

Thanks and you said it! haha!

That is quite the impressive hole in the door, Mental! Poor doggy and poor door haha. I bet it was an odd sight for Anders to come home to!

Love the wreath! I keep wanting to do something like that for our home but I've had the intention for years but no wreath yet ;)

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