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1 day until my niece's birthday
2 days until AWC julbord
3 days until the house is decorated
5 days until Crazy Christmas Cabaret in Copenhagen with the Wonders
6 days until Martin's 16th birthday
8 days until our intro driving course with Martin
9 days until mom arrives!
12 days until my work Christmas party
13 days until we go Christmas tree hunting (though we may do this earlier)
14 days until Christmas cookie baking extravaganza
16 days until the full moon
17 days until sushi out with Emily and mom, the first day of vacation and the expected arrival of my brother's second child!
19 days until the last day of school and Barky's appointment with beautiful
20 days until the shortest day of the year and the light can start returning
22 days until my friend Kathey's and my mother-in-law's birthday
23 days until Christmas eve, Swedish-style
24 days until Christmas day, American-style
26 days until the AWC glögg party
30 days until New Year's Eve and the starting gun goes off for the race through 2014!
mood: happy
music: She & Him—The Christmas Waltz

From Megsie

I am so happy that you are here today! I LOVE this list, although it makes me feel a little sick in the tummy. So many good things are coming!


Re: From Megsie

Lots of good things. I had to stop there :)

Edited at 2013-12-02 06:37 pm (UTC)


I.m looking forward to participating in some of them! :) Love, Lizardmom

Me, too, Mom!! I can't wait until you get here!! :)

When do you find time to breathe?!?

I am just starting to listen to Christmas music; we haven't done any of our shopping yet, and probably won't until this weekend. Then mayhem will ensue...

Inbetween! Still not really listening to Christmas music, but nearly done with shopping! Still have to start cards, though...

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