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We're in the middle of storm number 2 so far this winter...60 mile per hour winds: it sounds like a freight train outside. It's not cold enough for snow, but the forecast is for sleet. We've lost power already once, right as I was preparing dinner, so our halfway-heated mashed potatoes were warmed with the bernaise sauce that Anders had JUST finished making. Thankfully the schnitzels were already done!

It could go out again any moment, so this will be a short one just in case. I have my list of Christmas cards to start working on, plus Martin's birthday presents to wrap, and a big book I'm in the middle of, all pleasantly electricity-free pursuits. Karin and Martin are out walking the dog. Karin was so excited by the storm that she wanted to go out in a bikini and flip-flops to "really feel it!" NUTBAG CHILD.

I hope we don't lose power so much that we lose water too, and I hope the storm is past by tomorrow since I'm heading to Copenhagen with most of the Wonders for the Crazy Christmas Cabaret tomorrow!

Not much to say did I manage to find blog fodder for every day in November?
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My daughter used to dance in the rain too. She is only slightly less likely to do it now, being 16 and all!

In a bikini and flip-flops, though? In December? In 2 degrees celsius and sideways sleet?

It's incredibly stormy out here as well. Earlier this late afternoon we were hit by incredibly thunderstorm with strong strong gusts of wind and hail, scared the bejeezus out of me when it suddenly hit the windows of the study!! I was glad I could stay in all day. At the height of the storm it did make me feel a bit anxious heh. I hadn't expected two of such violent storms in like a month apart, last I remember was a couple of years ago!?:)

As a kid I always found it somehow magical and exciting if the power went out.. it got less exciting the older I got though haha. I have to say it doesn't happen often here no more, with most all powerlines underground and all. I remember one power cut some time in 2008 or 2009 but that was cause of work on the powerlines one afternoon... Not having any power here would suck big time here cause it would mean no electricity (obviously lol doh) but also no (hot) water nor any heating cause it's all sorted through one system which is dependant on electricity to run. So I'm kinda glad power doesn't cut out here no more ehheheeh.

From Megsie

So, did Karin get to "really feel it?" My guess is no. That IS crazy! We had our first BLIZZARD here yesterday. Traffic was awful, and there was shoveling involved. Today the high is 6 degrees F. Tell Karin if she REALLY wants to feel it she should come here for a visit!

Ick, sounds nasty. I am delighted by our current mild temperatures. I will take foggy and rainy with temperatures in the 50s in December ANY TIME over snow. I would even take it for the entire month of Decemeber. It's especially nice right now because my San Francisco sisters, who always gloat about their gorgeous February weather, are colder than we are right now and freezing their asses off. Ha!


Maybe you should sign Karin up for the Polar Bear Swims- a typical winter charity fund raiser in the Northern States! She would probably find the craziness of it lots of fun! And like-minded people too! :0 Love, Lizardmom

I must say that this was a perfect day to NOT have to walk the dog :)

Ha! We are nearly ready to let you have him back! :D

Back to the subject of cookies, I'll pass on to you my mum's shortbread recipe. Crunchy and crumblier than most, the secret is the rice flour...

8 0z flour
8 oz. butter or margarine (butter!)
4 oz rice flour or semolina
2 0z caster sugar </p>

Mix dry ingredients, rub in butter until mixture resembles marzipan. Press into a greased Swiss-roll tin. Prick all over with a fork. Bake in a moderately hot oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Slice in the tin whilst still warm, and dredge with caster sugar. Allow to cool before serving.

Let me know if you try it. It's the only shortbread recipe my mum ever made / makes. All other shortbreads were therefore, in my mind, pale imitations of a fine biscuit!!

Those sound amazing! I love shortbread, but I have never made it myself. :)


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